Bad Day, Bad week

I have a theory.  The scenario is that you like your job, but you are having a bad week.  My hypothesis is that Tuesday is the Worst day.  The common conceit is that it would be Wednesday, but I think everyone one in the world but me is wrong.  They are just blinded to their preconceptions.

Monday – Monday isn’t bad.  You start the week excited.  Here is the opportunity to get so much done.  To make a difference.  Monday is full of potential and hope.

Wednesday -The middle.  If you can get through Wednesday you can get through the week.

Thursday – Thursday is nearly Friday.

Friday – Friday is nearly as bad as Tuesday.  This is the day you come to terms with the fact that you accomplished little despite your efforts.  The day that will never end so that your weekend can start.  The day when everything is due.  Yeah, Friday sucks.

But if the week is a bad one…  If it turns on you right away, Tuesday is the worst.  Monday is past and you know that there is nothing but garbage on the horizon.  And the weekend, that Shangra-La that you are trying to reach is so far under the horizon that it is impossible to envision.

Fortunately there aren’t too many bad weeks.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Bad Day, Bad week

  1. Dano says:

    Monday. Monday is evil. I scoff at your attempt to redeem the universally acknowledged irredeemable Monday. It is soooooo bad. You start the week already tired from the weekend and face 5 whole days of pain and torture. Monday is the stubbed toes of the work week. Monday is like shaving your belly with a rusty razor. Monday is like lining up 5 pieces of Wasabi covered liver and cauliflower and having to eat them (replace food with your most despised evil flavour.)

    • Shirley says:

      AND – it’s all, (bad thoughts) created in the mind, all imagined and all not true – you are creating your own reality. SO, with that in mind, you can also change your reality – Imagine that! don’t be like me, too wise – too late do it now…

      • I’m generally positive – although I love to complain. If a week turns it is generally a result of a dozen little things.

        But a single good thing can turn it around again.

        I’m not too good at framing my existence. Takes too much self discipline. Mostly I go with the flow.

    • I gave the caveat of not liking your job. I like my job and don’t view it as torture. By the end of the weekend I’m always excited to try again.

      If you don’t like your job, I’d agree Monday’s would be bad.

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