Weekly Recap

Well, my week was lousy. Figuratively – there were no real lice.

Ok. Really there was more good than bad. That is usual. But you tend to dwell on the bad.

The highlight was Thursday drinks. Around 20 of us hung out at Brewsters and talked. That was good. It was an amazingly good comics week. East of West, Wolvie and the X-Men, Wonder Woman – these were tres belle. Gaming was excellent – I had fun. And Pauly started some nice conversations. My class on Monday was a great success. Only four speeches, but all were good. There is one lad I want for two more speeches – I’m sure I could draw him out – he’s got the skills but no confidence.

Church, Edo and a movie – my Sunday routine was rewarding. I saw Don Jon. I quite liked it, but not everyone in the theatre with me did. It has some failures is the middle act that result in the ending not quite clicking. Hmm – there is something else too.

I can’t quite recommend it. But if you like JGL and the rest of the cast, and quirky comedies and some light drama in your comedy. It felt a bit like Entourage mixed with a Woody Allen picture.

So those were the good.

Work – everything is going well, but I feel as though I’m losing the respect of my boss. I dunno. I need to get more done. There was also a brouhaha. Resolved now, but I hate personality conflicts. And there was an outage – preventable. Part of the issue was that only I seemed to care.

And the course exhausts me. I love it, but I’ll be glad it is over. Late nights, 14+ hours in the scooter and I don’t eat well. I spend the rest of the week catching up. And every week seems a bit worse.

Between the course and drinks Thursday , I had a few late nights. Wednesday night I struggled to get out of my chair. Thursday morning it was the same in the bathroom. But Thursday night was the pits. I just could not get my left leg under me. I tried and tried until me arms and left leg were both shaking with the exertion. My last attempts were shadows of the first ones. Eventually I needed to call for help.

Dave was great. He was ebboulient – chopper and helpful. But it was still a lift to my feet.

Now I spent the rest of the weekend wondering if that was just being overtired or if my chairs are now too low. I stood twice as often Saturday as is my habit. Fortunately there were no issues – up the first try every time. But was it tough every time? I’m still worried.

Finally on my chronicle of woe, I heard nothing about my new chair last week. That was supposed to be the week I did hear, but there was nothing. Quite frustrating.

That was my week. I hope yours was better. Stay good.

The sun is coming up. Pale blue sky with wisps of cloud coloured pink and orange. Pretty.


Weekly Recap

I’m sitting waiting for the bus. I could be awhile so I’ll do a recap.

My buses have been annoying since school started. The added traffic is increasing the ride by 15 minutes at least. The result is that though I’m here waiting now I’m often late for work at 8:15.

I was tired last week. That is what I remember most. Monday was cool, but the rest of the week was long. With the school work added I don’t get many week nights to just relax.

I spent a good portion of the week talking about how cool my Pharmacy class is. Different this year is a high ratio of rural students. I find it refreshing. I have to admit the women are quite cute too. But they are now officially half my age. Yowsa!
I also read The Name of the Wind and A Wise Man’s Fear. I think I enjoyed the second book more this time around.

On Friday I lost a Fate die. Now I need new ones. Plus I finished my adventure.

I wonder if I can convince someone to make a run to Mission and get me a new die. And maybe a new game or two. I’ll bring it up next week.

The 20th was the day my wheelchair application was reviewed. I’ll call today to determine the results. My goal is to finally order the chair this week.

Saw Mom and Tim. I wasn’t great company during either visit as I was tired. Sorry! My hospitality sucks normally so it was extra bad.

The highlight of the week was a toddler staring at me in church. She had giant brown Bambi-type eyes. Her parents walked her around during mass to keep her quite. If I waved at her she’d freeze up completely. Once I waved, she froze and when her Dad urged her on she walked straight into a pew. She wasn’t even really stunned – she just kept staring. I felt guilty for distracting her and for laughing. She was too cute.

I saw Prisoners yesterday. Good movie. Not a fun movie though. I recommend it, but be prepared for the intensity – buying the ticket I was warned of Brutal Violence by the computer. I shut my eyes during a couple scenes. Not from the ugliness itself, but the anticipation thereof. I’m not doing much to recommend it. The idea of the film is how far you’d go to save your children.

The rest of the week was work, comics and tv. They were all good.

My thoughts this week are with the sick and those who care for them. Take care.

Have a good week y’all.

Good Morning Edmonton!

For the past two weeks I’ve woken refreshed. I’ve woken refreshed and eager and bouncy.

This is not typical.

When I was quite young I once told my parents that I’d never sleep in like they did. Their response was, “Wait until you’re a teenager.”

Sure enough I stopped seeing early mornings. I love the weight of a comforter. I like waking up and deciding it is too early and rolling back over again.

One of my objectives every weekend is sleeping in. It doesn’t normally make it into my recaps, but it is normally in the top 5 things I do a week.

So first thing in the morning is a time for more sleep. Not for getting up. During my first year or two of work, I became enamoured with my snooze bar. I could hit it 2 or 3 times in the morning and then rush around to get to work.

When I read 4 snoozes, I knew I had a problem. I switched to a non-snoozing alarm. This has worked out as ice grown slower. I only have one speed now. There is less option to rush in the morning.

Typically my morning lethargy lasts only until I start moving around. Some blood flow to my legs, a glass of water, a splash of water on my face and I start to come around. I discover I am we’ll rested after all.

I know I’m tired if I still carry that initial brain fog into the office. Occasionally a greeting of “Grr!” escapes rather than “Good morning!” But the amount of time it takes to dissipate on a normal day is variable. Somewhere between 30 minutes of waking and 2 hours.

But lately? I’ve nigh hopped from bed. I’ve been humming and singing through the morning routine.

That ended today. As I write these words I find my energy has finally pooled. However the previous 2.5 hours were very long.

I like singing, joyful morning me better. I wonder if I could find him by crawling back into bed?

Weekly Recap


Last week was fairly awesome.

Every morning I woke up excited about the day. This is odd because I’m not a morning person – although I am most productive in the morning.

I saw my Dr. I’m not dying and that should be the final Dr. Visit for a few months. Yay!

Tim got back from PAX and regaled me with awesome tales. On Friday, I liked one so much I has to tell it myself even though Tim was there. I suck. Tim and I talked so much I didn’t read a single comic that night.

My new book reader arrived on Friday. Thanks to the Silvestri’s for delivery. It is cool. It works just like my old one, but with a ton of improvements. It is smaller and faster. It has wifi and 3G. A touch screen. But the feature I’m most enamoured with is the light. I can now read in the dark – like a morning bus. But it doesn’t changed the static presentation of the words on screen. It still works by reflected light not projected light. Great success.

The guys were all about for Friday night. No game, but lots of talking. It was nice to have everyone home. I missed them.

I saw Riddick on Sunday. It is a retread of Pitch Black. But I enjoyed it. Here is a little story.

My bus home leaves at 4:30 pm and the only showing time was 2:10 pm. The movie was 1:59 long. I was playing it close, but I thought 20 minutes would be enough. 1:59 plus trailers minus credits. Probably 15 minutes to go from the theatre to the bus.

But projection didn’t work at first. There was sound but no picture. It took about 5 minutes to fix. Now I was worried.

Sure enough, I pulled out my phone during the climax and it was 4:13 pm. I turned on my scooter and faced the door. I kept one eye on the movie and another on the time. At 4:21 I left. Fortunately the climax had just ended.

Weird. The denouement was so short that I heard I all as I boogied down the ramp. I missed watching 30 seconds, but heard it all.

4:23 I’m at the elevator. Sure enough – it doesn’t work. Gah!

I rush back. Find an employee and ask to use the service elevator. First they investigate my claim. Time is ticking.

Fortunately when they enter their override code they make the elevator move. We call it back up. With trepidation I get on. It works!

4:28 pm I’m in the elevator going down.

Unlike last weekend the mall was not crowded. Normally I only drive full speed in long deserted hallways. That day I kept it cranked as much as was safe.

100′ from the entrance hall I got stuck behind slow movers. They were the most annoying type. 4 college age saunterers. They were just moseying along engaged in each others company. But the four were spread out to ensure they never touched. There was no room around on the inside, it outside or through the middle.

They are the most annoying type because that is how I’d behave in the mall too.

We moseyed the final 100′. If I could have stood up, I would have been standing over my steering column like a cyclist giving his all! I rushed outside. No bus. I checked my clock. 4:32 pm. Awesome. Late but only just. That wasn’t enough time for them to leave without me.

Huzzah! 10 minutes later my bus arrived and took me home.

Of course the best part of the week was Saturday and Monday. I’m helping to teach public speaking to Pharmacy students again. My kids are awesome. I have a lot of outdoorsy, small town types. Two horse riders and a rock climber for instance.

I had to give an example speech to the full class of 120 students and 30 Toastmasters. I was revising ideas up until the speech began. It went well. As usual, it could have been tightened up.

I used up two ideas I’d been saving for the blog. If I get ambitious I might transcribe the speech on Thursday.

That was my week. I hope yours was equally good. Many did the back to school thing – it sounds like that went well.

Regardless, most of you remain in my thoughts and prayers. If it is tough, I hope it will get better.

Take care. Stay good.

Monday Pre-Cap

Well I’m quite worried about today. It is the first of the regular nightly sessions for the Pharmacy course I help facilitate. That leads to a host of distinct worries.

1) I forgot to book my bus. So I’m risking not getting there at all. I need a successful on demand booking.

2) from now until I get home (~9:30 pm) with no bio break is a long time.

3) I’ll be home after my normal bedtime. Accidents and falls happen when I’m overtired. Plus that is just a long time in the scooter.

4) there is some prep work I haven’t done yet. I need to squeeze that in.

5) My schedule doesn’t really have time for supper. I’ll need to make the Todd equivalent of a bag supper.

Really I’m just so set into my routine that any deviation throws me a curveball. Tomorrow I’ll either be exhausted or energized. I’m not sure which.

I haven’t given any thought to actual work today.

Plus I’m waiting for Mom to call me. I didn’t hear from her all weekend. It is in-Mom’ish.

To sleep, perchance to dream

I’ve been in a great mood all week. Bright eyed and bushy tailed each morning. My witty repartee is sharp. I’ve been doings paeans to the sun on Facebook.

It is odd. I’m not sleeping well. Or, more accurately, I’m having trouble falling asleep. Normally I just zonk out when my head and pillow meet. Not this week. I toss. I turn. I adjust the room fan. Covers off. Covers on.


It isn’t my mind racing. My body just doesn’t seem tired. And I can’t get comfortable. My room feels too stuffy.

Eventually I fall asleep though. And I wake up feeling great! It is hard to moan about sleep issues when I seem to be getting a grand rest. (I’ve been saying grand a lot this week. I might switch it up today for ‘capital’. How you doin’? Capital, guv’nor!)

This morning I obviously wasn’t done sleeping though. I was still dreaming when the alarm went off.

I was playing hockey. I single handedly broke up the rush at my end and then took the puck back up ice. But when I reached their goal, the net was a roaring fireplace and the puck was a cat.

I felt really bad, but I spoke gently to the cat and it willingly got in the fireplace. Then it didn’t want to come out again. I was getting singed trying to grab it. But fortunately the whistle blew, my shift was over and the dumb cat was someone else’s problem.

I got back in the box when my alarm went off. I don’t know how it ended!

Bloody Schrödinger’s cat dream maybe. Is it alive? Burnt? There is no observer so it is both.

I dream physics metaphors.

I hope I fall asleep properly tonight and go back to not remembering silly dreams.