Two interesting Stories

The Rebel banned from Government access. Globe and Mail article

In this age of digital and guerilla journalism, who decides who a journalist is?  Certainly it shouldn’t be the government. If there is to be value in journalism, it must allow for access to the government and criticism of the government. If the government controls access they are controlling more of the message than they should. 

The government are preparing a report, but it should be journalists (legacy and new blogger types) who tell the government what it means in these times to be a journalist. 

And here Apple is opposing a court order to create a back door in their software. Globe and mail link

Neat. Interesting that this went fully public. This is part of the reason why organizations like mine are concerned about any cloud services. (Not that this is a cloud service case). 

Mostly I’m surprised and happy it is necessary. Modern fiction always gives the impression the organs like the FBI and NSA can always easily bypass these controls already. 

Code will be copied. If Apple creates a back door, somehow that will get in the wild. Then all security on iOS devices is ruined. 

On the other hand, if Apple is even able to create such a bypass it means there is a flaw in the security architecture. Possibly unavoidable on a proprietary device/OS like the iPhone. 

The relationship between both stories is that decisions here ultimately impact our ability to have critical debates in the public sphere.