Weekly Recap

Hmm. Big week last week? Not so much. Or was it?

On Friday I was starting to worry. My to read pile of comics contained 14 issues, 1 trade and 2 graphic novels. The comics went back three weeks. Soon if I didn’t catch up I’d be getting the next issue.

But good news – I caught up. Good books too.

My new catchphrase is “Sometimes you’ve got to take off your shoes and Bilbo it up.” It is a quote from Patrick Rothfuss about being brave and doing good in a tough world. Yesterday at church the gospel was about the calling of the fishermen to be disciples. As I listened to the sermon I kept thinking my version would include Bilbo it up in it somewhere.

Had my eyes checked last week. Healthy and just a tad different than 7 years ago. I received the speech about coming in more frequently than once every 7 years too. Next week I should have no glasses.

Had my wheelchair adjusted. Next step is a seating clinic. Nothing big is needed just tweaks. But every thing takes time. I still love it. Carrying capacity and poor snow traction are the only downsides. I’m still playing with the controls all the time like a new toy.

Bought the slippers and mat I needed at the mall. Juggled my bags for four hours after. Accidentally left my mat in the movie theatre, but I remembered quickly and it was still there. Running a wheelchair against the flow of pedestrians leaving a theatre is tricky. No one was hurt.

I saw Dallas Buyers Club. It was very good. I’m not a big Matthew McConnaughy fan so I was skeptical. He was really good though. This is a good movie.

(I saw Blue Jasmine too this weekend. I’m working my way through the Oscar nominees. Wasn’t so impressed. )

Sherlock debuted on iTunes. I’m a month behind everyone else. No spoilers. I’ve seen the first episode. Next will be the wedding.

Alright. The pinnacle of the week though was none of the stuff. On Rabbie Burns day I went to a scotch tasting. It was nummy. They had samosas and sushi to pair the scotch with. Oddly my favourite scotches of the night were lighter ones in the first flight. Normally I trend towards the peatier ones later in the evening.

Glendronach 17 year in a sherry cask was my pick of the night. Very nice. Seven scotches total. Except one I liked them all. Went home with a Balvenie and my Glendronach is on order.

I also got to hang with Craig. I haven’t seen him for a good long while. That was great too.

My bus arrived a minute ago. I realized that my toque and gloves are still in my scooter basket. Darn lack of carrying capacity.

It was really a good week. Busy by my standards.

But it wasn’t all good. I got a call yesterday afternoon. My friend’s grandmother passed away. She was a huge part of that family and her influence is apparent in all her heirs. I had the most contact with her in my university years. She will be missed.

If you can spare a moments prayer for the repose of her soul and the sorrow of the family that would be cool.

That is it. Take care. Take off your shoes and Bilbo it up!


Four annoyances and a Comeuppance

Yesterday four things annoyed me and I arrived home tired and frustrated.

First I had to book a bus for today. But I couldn’t get the time I wanted for the trip. As a result I’m leaving work an extra hour early.

Next my maids called to tell me they couldn’t clean my place because the key doesn’t work. I’ve got a good idea why. Often when I come home after a cleaning day I find the door locked but unlatched. This means they are pulling the door shut with the key and turning under pressure. I think the key is probably bent.

Anyway, my house is a disaster. I’ll need to ask a favour to get a new key cut. And I’ll need to take time off work to get the new key to my maids.

Then there was my bus ride home. Total length of trip was 2 hours 45 minutes. Fine weather. No accidents. We didn’t go anywhere that the roads were horrible (although they were bad in places).

90 minutes on the bus. An hour and 15 minutes waiting in the lobby at work. My feeling is that since they were running so late picking me up I shouldn’t have been on a milk run. But I was.

At 7 my home care aide arrived to help me bathe. Of course, I was still on the bus. She called and offered to come back later, but I knew I’d only have time for one of supper or my shower before bed. So I cancelled the aide and now I’ll be a bit stinky.

Four things. I was frustrated when I finally got home. By 7:30 I was watching tv and my pizza arrived. (I had ordered while still on the bus,)

My favourite delivery driver was at the door. He asked after Tim. He expressed concern about my new chair because he was worried I’m getting sicker. I assured him I’m awesome and the chair is tons of nifty.

Then he told me of the struggles his family is having. His adult daughter has a recurrence of cancer and apparently it is not responding to treatment.

Well. My annoyances for the day sure felt petty.

He is my favourite driver because he is always joyful when he sees me. His happiness is contagious. It was the same yesterday when he arrived at the door. Once we started talking he was more somber, but still hopeful.

It amazes me how people get beaten down by the little things. However, their character and strength comes through when faced with true hardship.

He was so proud of his daughter. Proud of his grandchildren and the help they have been.

I hope I’m as resilient when faced with problems. I hope I can remember that annoyances are just that.

And I hope and pray for the family of my favourite pizza delivery guy.

Weekly Recap

Hmm. Well.

Last week was a waste. I had a list of tasks to accomplish. I finished but one.

For shopping I still need a mat and slippers. I write them here so that I don’t forget them again. I was sitting outside bath and beyond yesterday thinking, “I need something in there.” But I had no clue what.

I had a list of phone calls to make and bills to pay. I’m about half done. But the biggest is still not started.

I set myself chores for the weekend. I did laundry, but that is it. Otherwise I watched old episodes of Sherlock.

My one big accomplishment for the week was finishing the Harry Potter series again. I was a bit engrossed in those silly books. Glad I’m finished.

Big task for the day is an eye check up. I’ll order new glasses and finally get rid of these tiny ones I’ve had for years.

Justified started last week. We are now into watching shows I like again. Yay!

I saw Jack Ryan in theatre yesterday. I enjoyed it. A solid action thriller. Ultimately forgettable, but fun while I was there.

That was the week. Take care everyone. I hope you finish what you plan this week.


If you take the big awards: best picture, directing, acting and writing you get 13 films. I’ve seen 4. I do plan on seeing the rest when I get a chance.

“12 Years a Slave”
“The Wolf of Wall Street” *
“Captain Phillips” *
“American Hustle” *
“Gravity” *
“Dallas Buyers Club”

“Blue Jasmine”
“August: Osage County”
“Before Midnight”

My favourite is easily Gravity. It was incredible. I highly recommend it.

I disliked Wolf of Wall Street and I’m divided on American Hustle. Hustle had some great performances – Jennifer Lawrence and Louis C.K were excellent. But both movies suffer from being true’ish pictures/comedies about really horrible people. They left a bad taste in my mouth. (The worst movie of the type this year was Pain and Gain – a true life comedy about torture and murder.)

Captain Phillips was good. Worth seeing and atom Hanks is excellent, but I just didn’t think it was great.

Other movies I thought were great, but the Academy didn’t include:

Inside Llewyn Davis
Star Trek: Into Darkness
Don Jon

Epic isn’t even listed in the Animated category. I liked it better than Despicable Me2.

But my top film would still be Gravity. I’ll see what happens once I see more of the 9 top picks I haven’t seen yet.

Weekly Recap

Hey everybody! I’m in a great temper with lots to mention.

Many happy returns of the day to one deserving recipient.

My wheelchair arrived. It may be even more awesome than I expected. I’ve been tooling around in it for 3 full days. It falls just short of perfection, but then so do I.

When fully elevated, I can look a 6′ person in the eyes. I can see over the cubicles at work.

I can move fast. Much faster than a walker. A normal walker that is – not the walking dead type walker.

It is pretty comfortable.

I like it.

On Saturday, Mom, Tim and I went to watch the movie Inside Llewyn Davis. I loved it. One of the best movies of the year. Every few features the Coen’s make a film about a depressed guy – Barton Fink, The Man Who Wasn’t there, A Solitary Man, etc. this movie was along those lines. But it was also very funny. I liked the music. I loved the dialogue. It had Carey Mulligan. And John Goodman. And there were stories about cats.

No one else liked it though. Too depressing. But I left in high spirits.

Played a new game on Friday. A really challenging co-op called Robinson Crusoe. We may never, ever, ever win. Never. It is hard. But drenched in theme.

The key choice is risk vs. reward. If you take the risk, you might fail the action. You can guarantee the action success, but the cost is that you’ll have too few actions as a result.

We lost a red wound marker though. I thought it went the way of the list fate die. But it turned up Sunday on the floor of my kitchen. Yay!

Downton Abbey started again last week. Cool.

Now it is time for work. Pretty excited.

Rest your ankles. Take it easy. I hope y’all had a good week too.