Year in Review

I’ll look back at the year that was.

It was a year of transitions.  Which I hate, but which turned out really well.  For me this was a very good year.

Work – I don’t talk about work much in here.  But it is central to what I do.  Work is going well.  Not perfectly – it has its ups and downs, but well enough.  There are big projects going this year – there seem to be big projects every year – bt the projects this year are complicated and interesting.  Plus I received a kinda promotion.  This is all good.

A bigger transition was getting my new wheelchair at the start of the year.  When I was much younger I looked at the limitations Dad faced in his wheelchair and I could never imagine myself in one.  But when it became obvious I needed one, the wheelchair opened up options that had previously closed.  It is versatile.  I can get around the city.  It is comfortable.  It is good.

I went on a few small vacations this year.  Nothing fancy.  But it was really the wheelchair that made that possible.  It has been a number of years since I had a vacation where I left town.  It was a nice opportunity.

Of course the biggest change was moving.  I loathe moving.  7 months have passed and I am still not completely unpacked.  But I am down to just three unpacked boxes now.  I’m still not completely comfortable here.  It feels too much like my parent’s place.  But it is home too.  I also asked a lot from my friends for the move.  They came through for me, but it was obviously an imposition.

But the new place is great.  The biggest benefit has been getting closer to work.  My commute is 45 minutes shorter in each direction.  At least.  In the morning that is 45 minutes I sleep in.  In the afternoon it is 45 minutes extra I spend at home.  The downside is that those 45 minutes were when I composed this blog in the morning.  I still haven’t found another time when I have the opportunity to do that.  After work, I do not have the energy – I want to do nothing but veg when I get home.

The next benefit is getting out.  With the new home location and the wheelchair, I can get out in the summer.  Public transit works.  Cabs work.  and I’m close enough to Whyte avenue that I can just drive to interesting places.  That is cool.  I drove down to the folk fest this past summer.  That was awesome.  I came home again soon because it was too blinking hot and my hat wasn’t enough shade, but going into the creek ravine is pretty awesome.

The third benefit is the care here.  I’m not getting much more than I was before.  But that added touch is a vast benefit.  The biggest change is increased reliability and dependability.  That is huge.  Sometimes you don’t know you were wasting time worrying about something until you stop worrying.  The second change is an added touch of homemaking – they do a little around the house.  The third is flexibility – as my needs increase I will be able to get more services.  That is pretty nifty.

A lot of my unpacking finally happened in December.  We had a new carpet installed in the spare bedroom and all the boxes and shelves needed to come out.  Once the boxes were out and I was able to get at them and, more importantly, the shelves that the contents needed to be transferred too, I was finally able to make progress in unpacking.  I was also able to ask for help with several smaller tasks than the giant task, “please unpack 25 boxes for me.”  Finally now that I’m almost completely unpacked, I’m starting to feel at home.  My photos were only founds a week ago.  It is nice to have them up.

The next task at home is to go through things and find out what I don’t need anymore.  But I can’t do that while Mom is here because she believes everything should go.

Which brings me to the floods.  Those are the largest hardships of the past year.  Two burst pipes in my old condo.  9 months apart.  The second rendering the place unlivable for a few weeks and likely to be under renovation for five months – they say three, but I’ll believe that when it happens.    But those were the largest hardships to affect me directly.

Several of my friends and family had relatives pass that brought sorrow to their lives.  Not everyone will be looking back at this as a good year.  My thoughts remain with them.  My prayers too. It seems unfair and diminishing to say nothing more. I apologize.

OK – books and stuff.  One drawback of the wheel chair is that it isn’t comfortable to read in.  At least not compared to a lazyboy.  I haven’t been able to just sit and read to three hours since I got it.  It has cut into my reading a lot.  Since I finished reading Connie Willis, the only novel I’ve really loved is The Slow Regard of Silent Things.  It was an excellent story.  The other great read of the year was a four volume set of the history of role playing games.  It was seriously awesome.

Comics are even worse.  I’m in a bit of a rut. I’m enjoying old standbys, but not much new stuff.  I can think of Seconds and Ms. Marvel as two new books that standout.

Movies have been good.  But I’m not sure it has been a great year for movies.  The most fun I had watching shows were Guardians of the Galaxy, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Locke, and Captain America.  But there were so many more which let me down in small or big ways.  Sigh.    Hopefully I’ll find some gems as I begin to see the movies released right at the end of the year.

But TV has been incredible.  Between cable, Netflix and PVRs there is so much tv to watch.  Finally with the introduction of Brooklyn 99 there is even a comedy I’m happy to recommend.  Sonic Highways and Republic of Doyle just ended their runs.  I liked them. But the highlight of the year has been the Flash.  It rocks.  The list of great TV is pretty long. I could devote blogs to just the superhero shows. Or just the cable shows. .

OK – I think that covers just about everything.

Happy New Year!