Locke – A review

I haven’t written in a while, but I watched a movie yesterday that I want to talk about.

Locke is a thriller starring Tom Hardy. You likely know Hardy as Bane is the last Batman movie. It is an odd thriller because it isn’t about a crime or killer. But the term is apt due to its suspense. Twice I had to pause the movie to process what was going on.

That intensity was what made the movie so cool. It is odd as well. Hardy plays a character called Ivan Locke. He is the only character on screen for the entire movie. He drives his car for an hour and a half to London while making calls on his car phone. That is it. That is the movie. Not a description that seems to imply suspense or intensity. But that is entirely the case.

It is a movie that makes you think. What kind of person is Ivan Locke? The movie certainly tells you what person he thinks he is and wants to be. It also gives you a bit of a lens into how some of those closest to him see him. Those views are not entirely the same.

The movie is about Locke’s choices and the consequences of those choices. I am not sure that people in real life often have defining moments. Sometimes we are courageous. Sometimes we are cowardly. Sometimes we are moral and sometimes not. But Locke chooses this car ride and his phones calls to be a statement that shows the person he is. That is one of the first choices he makes on screen. What type of person chooses a car all alone to be where they show their definitive character?

The movie just recently came out on DVD/online. I highly recommend it. I’ve tried to reveal as little of the plot as possible. I think it is a movie best experienced than retold.

Off to lunch for me now…