Weekly Recap

Let’s saunter quickly through the usual stuff.

Book – I read the third Locke Lamora book. Quite good.

Movie – I saw The Counselor. Sucky.

Comics – Velvet, Daredevil, Wolverine and the X-Men and young Avengers were stand outs. I highly recommend Velvet. It is a new spy comic by Brubaker’s and Epting.

Gaming – We won! Evil was vanquished. Now I need a plot to wrap up the campaign.

Work – early half of the week was great. The last half was a scramble. Colds and Flus are keeping folks out each day.

Ok. The good stuff.

I went to a party at Dave’s Saturday. He is still younger than I, but not much. Good times. Nearly killed my friends getting me into the house. I need a Tenser’s Floating Disk spell. Saw folks I haven’t in a good long while. Nifty. There was a streaker.

It was all very nice. Good party.

The other news is that we’ve finally reached the next stage of Wheelchair watch 2013. I’ve been approved for full government funding. This is a surprise since I was waiting for a denial. Next step is to get the approval letter and get it ordered. Both should happen this week.

I’m feeling pretty good. I hope y’all are too. Busy week ahead.

Get your flu shots. Take care. Look after your loved ones. Make a snow ball before it vanishes.


Tiny personal victory!

I dropped my glasses off the edge of my night table as I went to sleep last night. Normally this is not a big deal.

This morning I woke and, having forgotten, couldn’t find them. My brain fog lifted, I turned on my reasons lamp and I could make out their blurry outline on the floor.

No problem. There is a spare pair of glasses in the drawer. Nope. The case is empty and they are missing (later I had home care find them under my bed.)

No problem. I keep a pickup stick on my bedside table for these situations. Nope. I remembered it was across the room. I had used I to pick up dropped socks the day before and not returned it.

My glasses were four feet away and completely out of reach. But why was I worried?

For those unaware my eyesight sucks. I’ve had glasses since I was seven. You come to rely on them. The hardest thing I normally do each morning is get out of bed.

After lying in bed all night, my limbs are never too cooperative for their first trial of the day. Without being able to make out my feet I was really unsure I could stand safely. I’d be relying on muscle memory and kinaesthesia. I didn’t trust either!

At this point I briefly considered giving up and going back to bed. I’d call for help to get my glasses at 7. But it was only briefly. While I wasn’t sure I could stand, the risk of falling seemed low’ish. I probably would just not stand. To call it quits without an attempt was just too lame and wussy.

But I really didn’t know… Fail, fall or stand were all valid possibilities.

I tried and it turned out to be easy. My limited sighted, proprioception and routine were more than enough. Walking to my pickup stick, back to my glasses and finally retrieving them was trickier, but that wasn’t even a worry I’d had.


The lamest one ever. At the end I was in the same state I was every morning just 5 minutes later. I couldn’t believe that such a tiny hurdle nearly stopped me up this morning.

So I post this – the most boring success story ever.

Now off to work.

Weekly Recap

Well, the Thanksgiving day holiday upped my normal laziness levels to new heights. So there were no posts last week. But I’m back today.

Unfortunately, last week nothing happened. So this will be dull.

Thanksgiving dinner was a week ago today. Obviously the highlight. Tim cooked as we gathered at his place. Quiet and nice. The food was excellent.

Saw the new car. Looks quite nice. I approve. Not that that matters.

Then work was ok.

Comics were ok.

Gaming was cool. I won a round of Kingsburg. And we heard of another’s fancy modelling outing.

Finished the book I was excited about in my last post. Ironically I bogged down in the middle and lost some interest. But it finished strong. My issue was that the silliness was going on too long when the answer was obvious. Still Connie Willis is a find. I’ll start another of her books this week.

But now I’m reading the 3rd Locke Lamora book. Yay! Been waiting for years on this one. “Republic of Thieves”.

Over the long weekend Pauly went to get me a few new board games. But all the ones I wanted were sold out. Sigh. I couldn’t find good substitutes. So the trip was mostly a bust.

This week I’ve spent more time on the Geek researching games. Essen is this weekend. I’m sure the next time someone goes for me I’ll have a longer want list.

Finally I saw Captain Phillips on the weekend. Excellent show. I’ve seen it critiqued for being too jingoistic. But I only saw them displaying the American military as very competent. They are very hard on their military sometimes.

The movie is a Tom Hanks showcase. The tension at the end is very high. Good show.

And that was the week that was.

Stay warm. Take care. Don’t feed stray lynx.

Crosswords and scifi

Sci-fi writer Connie __________.

No such person I told Mother. I know things like this. If there is a famous sci-fi writer, I have heard of them and most likely read them.

It looks like it could be Willis.

I cheated a bit and googled Connie Willis.

Being wrong can be great. Connie Willis has won more major sci-fi awards than any other writer. And I’d completely missed her. Only one of her books even rang a bell – The Doomsday Book.

On Sunday I checked the library. Sure enough she was there prominently displayed. Wells, White, Whyte and then Willis.

I finished the book I was reading already on Tuesday morning. Then I bought To Say Nothing of the Dog.

Oh my goodness. I’m only 20% done, but the book is a marvel. So good.

And after this I’ve the rest of her oeuvre to plunder. I am very excited.

Thanks crossword.

Gravity – A Review

Gravity is a new Sci-fi thriller staring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney and directed by Alfonso Cuaron (Children of Men).

It might also be the first great movie I’ve seen this year. I recommend it whole heartedly. I also recommend seeing it in the theatre with 3D.

The plot is simple. An accident occurs that leaves the stars adrift in space. Nothing protecting them except their space suits. It is set in current times. So there is no magical gadget that will save them.

Will they live or not?

Gravity is an atypical disaster film. (Disaster films are when something goes wrong and folks try to live. Towering Inferno is an early example. Airplane! parodied the genre. ) The movie premise lays out the threat. Each scene is a complication or escalation of the threat that must be overcome. Within each scene are smaller hurdles that distract.

Unlike the typical such movie there is a tiny cast. Normally the movie has a pile of actors and the dumb and belligerent ones are killed by the threat to emphasize its deadliness.

Gravity has just it’s two stars. Bullock is mission specialist Stone (a novice). Clooney is lieutenant Kowalski (a veteran). It doesn’t need more chaff to sacrifice. The threat of death in space is so present.

The movie uses science. Weightlessness is the big effect. Vacuum and pressure changes are next. Oxygen deprivation, solitude, fire all play roles. All of this is next to the contrast of tiny people in bulky suits within the vastness of space.

I found it captivating. Each threat had me on the edge of my seat anew. There are startling action scenes, not the slow motion of 2002, but mad bursts of movement.

And it is filmed so well. It doesn’t come through in the trailers. You need the immersion of the big screen. The film only spends a few minutes in setup – character establishment, the setting – before the accident occurs. But you’re already immersed. The opening bit is one of the scariest movie moments I’ve ever seen.

The movie tells us in the opening that life in space is impossible. Character wise the movie is all about showing the willpower and ingenuity of those who just won’t accept that truism.

Clooney is good in his role. He is calm and steady and makes jokes. But Bullock is who we relate to. Her character Stone’s fear, bravery, stupidity, brilliance, and determination drive every frame of the show. It is excellent. Just thrilling.

Of course the movie wouldn’t be complete if Stone didn’t also have her own personal demons to face in addition to the external threats. That subplot too works great.

The result is just amazing. I laughed out loud. I had tears roll down my cheeks. I laughed, I cried is normally hyperbole, but it is simple truth about my reaction to this film. I was also in turns ecstatic and terrified. If you let this movie take you it is an incredible time.

Go see this one.

Weekly Recap

Well I was in a foul mood on Friday, but the week was actually pretty good.

Let’s hit the low points. One I can’t talk about. But it left me feeling battered. The other was my wheelchair acquisition. After two weeks of trying to get any word, I was told my submission didn’t get reviewed at all in September and will need to wait until October. Apparently we missed the September submission cutoff even though it was submitted the second last week of August. It got hung up in the mail and I suspect holiday schedules. Now the best case scenario is ordering it in early November. It should arrive before Christmas. Any more delays will put it into the new year.

Also I haven’t read any good books in the last week. But now I’m quibbling.

The end of Breaking Bad was incredible. A great resolve to the series. My favourite bit was spending time making a small box. It was a slow character moment. Time taken where there was still a lot of plot to cover. It was masterful.

Both Tim and I agree we were a little dissatisfied with the finale because it offended our innate sense of Justice. But I can’t really explain that without spoilers.

I had my last Pharmacy class. It wrapped well. They gave me coffee in appreciation. I wish I had more time with them. Three have great potential that still needs a bit of coaxing. And I suspect another three of the same. But all succeeded and are good speakers now.

Comics were good this week. None stood out. Lazarus was excellent, but it is always excellent. I’m enjoying the Xmen crossover too, but that should come as no surprise. I always like them.

I took Friday off. As I explained last week I was getting worn out. It was good. All my issues getting up went away with a couple extra hours sleep. I spent the day on laundry and tv. Nothing too exciting there.

Played a new adventure game, Gone Home. Ultimately the ending made me very angry. But is was a new kind of game. Very interesting.i might review it too.

Went to Mom’s on Saturday. I had a very nice visit. A sales guy, scotch, a crossword and supper.

Sunday was the true highlight if the week. I watched the first truly great movie I’ve seen this year. Gravity is outstanding. I think I’ll do a review tomorrow. It is a spectacle that benefits a theatre, a giant screen and even the 3 D.

Finally Treek stopped by for a very brief visit. As an unemployed bum, he worked more than two months of hours in September. I guess no one is truly unemployed during harvest if they (or their family) own a farm. (The same holds true of Dano last month,).

It was great to see him. Although there wasn’t time for our normal visit to the Keg. He is coming back through next week. Maybe then.

And that is the week that was. As always, take care. Stay safe. Stay good.