Weird – just I

I was in the bar on Wednesday. I was at a table with my storage guy, my storage sales guy (a mere acquaintance), and his wife (newly met by me)

Now, of course, the sales guy can talk. He’s not selling at the moment. But he is naturally smiley and engaging. His wife and I – not so much. We chip in. My storage guy is a good fellow, but to call him a social butterfly would be wrong. He excuses himself for a smoke break.

His chair is filled by an old coworker. (A former coworker. Not a coworker who is old.). Former and Sales can both talk. It is a good mix. They talk. Wife and I chip in at the right bits. They talk. It worked.

I sat there watching, listening and thinking. At the table is a friend, an acquaintance and a stranger. They are talking about vacations and children and whatnot – (mostly the sales guy). Ask me personal details about my life in a bar? You’d better have known me for 20 years and I’d best be drunk. Otherwise I’ll just say “good”, “nifty” or “excellent”. Heck, unless you insist that is probably all I’ll offer anyways. I save things like that for a more impersonal setting – like a blog.

The more people there are and the less I know them the quieter I will be. Even among close friends once the group has grown large enough I will generally just listen (unless I’m also drinking). I don’t feel anxious at parties with strangers, but I have no clue how to be outgoing in that situation either.

Unless I’m meant to be the centre of attention. Give me a stage and I will go until dragged off. If I know what my role is – host, entertainer, lecturer – I love a crowd of strangers. Where that is undefined, I’m much more awkward.

Anyway, an hour and a half at the bar. I looked up from my table and realized that I needed to quickly do the rounds before my bus came. I’d been completely engaged in the chitchat that had been going on.

I’m sure it isn’t as simple as that either. I bet neither Sales nor Former were truly comfortable with chitchat. They were strangers after all – I introduced the, when we sat down. It probably only looks easy and natural from where I was sitting.

On the whole, I prefer being comfortable being on the stage talking. But that skill of being comfortable in a small group for small talk. That seems pretty cool.


It is Saturday!

Played a neat new game last night. I may have won. It was a tied win. But Dave may have won instead. It got late and we might not have been counting victory points right.

We played at least one rule wrong. Oh, the game was Merchants and Marauders. Pirate games are a fairly common board game theme. This is the best implementation I’ve played. But there was a little issue with game flow. Port action took a long while. And naval ships seemed really tough.

A new novel by Guy Gavriel Kay comes out in April. Huzzah! I’ve been a bit booked out recently. No books are engaging me enough to finish. This is disturbing. But Kay’s book is one I will really dig.

In case you didn’t notice, this blog has no structure. Just semi-coherent ramblings.

This week was favour week for me. I broke my ankle brace on Monday. This resulted in three favours: my team helping me get back into my scooter, Mom getting it fixed, and Dave being on call in case I ran into trouble without it. Next I needed another favour from Rob as a reverse gopher. Lots of favours. Thanks everyone.

One final note. All Pope Francis’ homilies get posted online. They are normally pretty short, but make for good reading. I’ve liked them quite a bit.

This link is for the Chrism Mass on Wednesday

See y’all on Easter! Save me some chocolate.

Hey, hey,hey

Lots to talk about. On my list are Pope Francis, my confusion about things, work, social awkwardness and others…

But I’ll just talk about thanks tonight

I ate BBQ at lunch.
I sat in the sun and waited for my bus.
My bus trips were early and timely.
My staff made a hard day at work almost fun.
They sang the Pange Lingua in Latin at church.
And now I’m home for a long weekend.

Not too bad. Not too bad by any estimation.

Happy Easter folks. I might work on my list above during the holiday.

Good thoughts

It was a bad day for some people I know. Two separate cases of severe health problems with family. (Not mine, but I’m being vague as this is a public forum).

If you can spare a kind thought or prayer for strangers… I think that would be very nice.

I’ll recap some other time and tell stories of braces and chips.

New levels of dull recitation

I took a long lunch today. 70 minutes. But I accomplished a ton. Normally all I do is eat and then chew the fat. Today? Much more.

  1. went to the bank
  2. got a hair cut. My first in nearly a decade
  3. went to the drugstore
  4. paid my bills
  5. fixed some credit card issues
  6. ate lunch
  7. asked coworkers for financial advice
  8. called the CRA

Eight things! Huzzah me.

Do other people normally accomplish so much?

Weekly Recap

Holy moley! That was some week.

Darest I ignore giant world events? And just focus on my stuff? That seems highly selfish – even for me. But I’ll dare.

Tuesday – my doctor asked me to play model for his class. I had the opportunity to talk to a class of medical students. I was typically awesome. It was fairly fun.

That evening Treek came in. He seemed alright. We went to Star Wars Identities the next day and it turns out I’m an Ewok. I guess it is due to my kind and cuddly nature. Beyond that, I was a big fan of the show. It was like RPG character creation in many ways. I thought the big 5 personality traits was something new for me.

Also, in case there was doubt, I’m not a Sith Lord.

Then there were comics. I liked the comics. As usual, they were good.

Friday was gaming. We tried another new board game. Tzolkin. It was ok. I got my butt kicked. It wasn’t as good a Myrmes, but still alright.

Then Saturday. As normal it followed Friday. That evening old coworkers visited. We had pizza and bourbon and beer. They were cool and bought all the food.

Look at all the neat stuff that happened!

Then came Sunday. Mom came to mass, but then took off to listen to the radio. I went to the movies and as The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. It is not a good movie. Not horribly bad but just bland.

Really other than the snow and cold it was a marvellous week. Now I want a break.

Take care all.

How is your life affected?

I did this thing on Tuesday. My doctor taught a class and used my mind as the beautiful model. Ah, um, or he was giving a lecture on diagnosing neuromuscular disorders and had four patients, including me, give case histories as examples of diversity.

Most of the questions I was asked were easy. “Are there sensory symptoms?” or “Are both sides equally impacted?” (No and no). But one screwed me up.

“How is your life affected by the disability?”

My answer was,”As little as I can get away with. I try not to be limited unless I have to be. For instance, I still live independently and work a full work week.”

But that answer is lame. Here is what I wished I had said.

In all ways and in no way important.

The disability factors into everything you do from the physical, to the mental, to the social. But, dwelling on what is hard or impossible is a waste of time. You deal with what you can, ask for help for what you can’t and work on the courage to push against your boundaries.

But I can still laugh, love and learn. I can be clever. I can make relationships and strengthen them. Conversely, I can cry, be cruel and be stupid. I can pray and blaspheme. If it is important I can still do it.

Everyone has limitations. Many are more debilitating than my own. But to live defined by the limitations doesn’t work. Everyone has gifts too. The trick is to try and let those define you.

🙂 or something like that. Of course that still doesn’t really answer the question she was asking… Which I think was really “what can you not do or find very hard?” But it was the answer I wish I gave.