Day for Night

Day for Night is my Hip album. 

I was around for New Orleans is sinking and Up to Here. In college I soaked in Fully Completely and Road Apples. I picked up the EP through Columbia House. I was always a fan. Loved the Hip. But not enough to go out to a Roadside Attraction for instance. 

But the the fall of 1994 I was living at home again. I was working at the museum. I travelled to Edmonton and stayed at Paulys and picked up the new release while in the city. And Day for Night was the soundtrack of my year off from university. 

Weird album. The singles had no hooks like earlier Hip singles – it was a move towards more lyricism started in Fully Completely and finished at Trouble in the Henhouse. But the whole album created a feeling and I had the album on repeat for a year. I can still play it and bring myself back to that time. There is a scene in High Fidelity where Rob organizes his albums autobiographicaly. Day for Night is at the centre of my autobiography. 

My first Hip concert was the Day for Night tour. I couldn’t understand most of the on stage rants with the echoes of Rexall, but it was still mesmerizing. My conceptions of a perfect concert are either giant Stones productions or the on stage antics of Downie. 

The video game Doom II plays with Day for Night in the background. Impossibilium, I have no idea what it is about, but for me it is about defending Earth from demons with a BFG. 

That year was a break from life. A break I didn’t see again until 2010 and hopefully won’t see again until retirement. A million things happened during that break then I went back, graduated and got a job. 

Other music that year? John Prine and Metallica’s Black Album. That was the museum. Day for Night was home. 

The final Hip album has now been released. It won’t sit on my psyche like Day for Night – no Hip album will. Nuts. I always thought there’d be another. 

Take care Gord. Hope to see you in July. 


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