Weekly Recap

Hey! What is going on out there? I bet y’all are on holiday. Lucky you.

I spent the last week at work trying to solve a big problem. Late nights, yelling at vendors, it was not fun in so many ways. The problem continues this week although we’ve masked the symptoms.

Otherwise it was a quiet week. I read many comic books. I made a D&D character – a rhetoric professor. I was the Expendables 3 – dumb movie, lots of fun, but dumb and it had a problem 2nd act.

The big excitement was the installation of my new toilet. It is awesome. It is a magic toilet. Great.

And my maids came for the first time. My house has finally been cleaned. Of course Mom’s been over twice a week since I moved in so it wasn’t the disaster it should have been. But it was nicer after.

Finally, I won Glen More when we played Friday night. Whiskey and taverns. Yep. Good stuff.

That was the week that was.

Enjoy your holiday!


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