Today is recap day.

It was an exciting week. Ok not really. But it could have been.

I got to hang out with some VIPs at work. I think it went well. Everyone now knows my name.

Wednesday was boring at work. I actually had no meetings and worked on paperwork. But then there was Thursday and Friday. They were crazy. Issues and a project in neutral popped the clutch and slammed into gear.

Almost all my buddies are gone on holiday. Fortunately my brother is still around. Otherwise it could have been a lonely week.

That kidney stone was a pest all week. No great pain, but it would shift to let me know it’s there every second day.

I started reading The Shining. I find the book scary. I read only a chapter or two at a time. From page one the sense of doom is prevalent.

I also got a new Daniel Abraham book. So that is now the top of my reading pile.

The last book I read is a history of RPG companies in the 70s called Designers and Dragons. 400 pages – it was awesome. Three more volumes to come – 80s, 90s and 00s. I’m excited about them all. The book was probably my highlight of the week.

I watched some movies and tv. I’m watching Cosmos. The scientific history is great. The shots at religion a bit less so. I watched Oldboy. That is an experience.

I went to the folk fest. Unfortunately it wasn’t for me this year. Mostly I was hot and burning and bored. I came home looking like Tim after he’s been outside for 5 minutes. The first band I saw was the best. Then they went downhill.

All week I was waiting for the release of D&D. It didn’t disappoint. It is a beautiful book. The basic rules posted earlier are reprinted here. So there aren’t many new rules. But the character options are finally laid out. It is a great presentation and rack class looks interesting to play (with maybe the exception of the Sorceror). You read a class and are comforted by the return of classic features and then bam! There is also something new.

With all my other reading, I still have some races, backgrounds and the spell lists to examine. Cool.

Now it is back to work.

Take care all.


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