Weekly Recap

I’m in a delightful mood this morning.

It was a quiet week last week. Work in crazy so I appreciate the quiet.

I spent my Canada Day in the park. It was gorgeous. I explored to the end of the trail and read a book.

Actually I’ve read a lot of books lately. Rob recommended a new series two weeks ago. I’ve finished it now. But I can’t recommend it myself. The protagonist and author make me mad quite often.

But I read 7 books in less than two weeks.

I got the guys to move some furniture around on Friday. There are still boxes to unpack, but every room is useable now. My next goal is to find my comics and DVDs.

The big action this week was the release of D&D 5th edition. I read it. I like it. I think. I’m jealous because one of my friends had a chance to play with his kids already. That would be a cool weekend.

That is my week that was. More work ahead.

Take care all.


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