RPG and gaming Week

Tired. The heat drains you. I love it, but mornings are rough.

My week is about new games. The new version of D&D should be out right now. I’m off to download it.

Later this week the new Star Wars game should come out. I’ll get that Saturday.

I’ve also been reading about new board games. Not too much exciting, but there are one or two that look interesting. A Firefly game would work for the group.

That is my week to be. My week past was reading a new book series. I blame Rob. Plus I don’t even really like it. 🙂 Still I’m six books in now.

Talk to you soon. Take care.


2 thoughts on “RPG and gaming Week

  1. Slyck says:

    You a little early for DnD. It should he tomorrow along with the Starter kit hitting the stores.

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