Weekly Recap

Work. Last week was about work.

I had four goals last week.

Catch up on my email.
Determine our short and medium term goals and assign/delegate the work.
Start the work on our new project.
Deal with immediate issues.

The week before we kicked off our biggest project for the year. I spent two full days in workshops and a day off sick. I fell behind on the day to day. My email ballooned. I always find that stressful.

Monday and Tuesday were problems. I moved the down markers on goals 1 and 4, but I did nothing on the big project and my email fell further behind.

By Wednesday I was grumpy. When it progressed like Tuesday, the only thing keeping me going was comics and visiting my brother as a reward at the end of the day.

Meeting were the biggest issue. Too many meetings to move work ahead.

Thursday I started off grumpy. I warned my staff to keep their distance. I got in one fight. But I finally made progress. Every goal except email was good. Even email made progress.

Friday I accomplished it all. Everything is back under control. At least until I get into work.


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