Weekly Recap

I spent the week nesting into my new place. I’m now out of new books, new comics, and new tv. The comics were an accomplishment – I’ve been trying to catch up since my brother started walkabout.

But more interesting things happened elsewhere.

My good friends had a new baby girl. Yay! My thoughts and prayers are with the family daily. But I still owe them a phone call.

Back home my plumbing exploded last week in my old unit. Last weekend the kitchen sink wasn’t draining. A plumber snaked the pipes and things improved. But by Friday the issue had resumed. The plumber came again, but while he was working everything backed up. Black sludge flooded the kitchen. 4 hours of plumbing followed. It seems the block was grease somewhere in the common area. There is still cleanup happening. Apparently the kitchen reeks.

I’m fortunate I moved.

That was my week. Oh! I had a birthday too. They sang happy birthday at mass (coincidence).

Take care. Stay good.


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