Weekly Blathering

Apparently I’ve been stressed. I knew I was worrying about my vacation and my move and my wheelchair. I got my wheelchair back on Wednesday. On Thursday suddenly I felt great!

My first week in the new place went well. It is a bit harder to manage independently, but the aides here are astounding. Once everything is setup I should be grand.

I had setup help on Monday from the Corrigans. At the end I had access to every room except the spare bedroom and washroom.

Mom puttered around all week. She brought over odds and ends from the old place and continues to empty out my new place.

On Friday the guys hooked up my tv, assembled my last shelves and unpacked a few boxes. I have access to all rooms now. Yay!

Then came a great weekend. I trundled down Whyte on Saturday. I picked up my comics. I ate at a restaurant. I watched the people.

A giant pony sized bull mastiff sat on the sidewalk at the restaurant and watched me eat. He was adorable. Passersby would pat him on the head. Children would get very excited. He was placid and friendly.

At least until a walker brought their husky by. Then he barked and lunged to the end of his tether. The earth shook. I’m not sure if he was attacking, playing or protecting. The husky was game, but I think the mastiff would have just eaten him.

As sat eating, watching the dog and reading my comics. The adorably cute waitress asked if I’d seen Day of Future Past. Then there were follow up question about the original comics, the movie’s fidelity to its source and where she could get a copy.

Being a geek is far different than it was in the 80s.

Sunday I went exploring down into Millcreek Ravine Park. I drove down the walking/cycling path until I reached Connor’s Road. Then I came back up until I found a nice place to sit in the sun and read. It is a great park to have in my backyard.

I even ran into friends I hadn’t seen in three years. We had a nice little chat. It was very cool.

That was my week. Now it is a new week.

Take care and have fun.


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