Move Recap

Well. That went very well.

I had a great turnout of movers. The Ritcey’s appeared in force and championed the packing. There was more than I anticipated. They filled about 40 boxes with my books, RPGs and comics.

I also moved more stuff – a love seat and all my shelves came over. In all well over two van loads. I thought there’d be one and 20 boxes. I was way off.

No great drama during the move. There was great mocking of my L’ll Sammy moving van. Had I rented a full sized cube van it would have been one trip. But there wasn’t one available in the time slot closer than Leduc. Still, in hindsight, that may have been the wiser choice. I can’t say that the cheapness of my rental played no part in making that decision easy.

Things that just worked:
– the cable switch (caveat)
– the phone switch
– starting care services at Creekside.
– life alert switch

Things that are annoying:
– being stuck in this manual chair. I’m basically trapped in the suite because it is so hard to move on carpet.
– I can’t reach the kitchen sink. I don’t think I’ll be cooking more here…

Things I need done soon:
– find my clothes. I can’t keep wearing the same stuff forever.
– get my pickup stick. I can’t get at things on the ground.
– get my cable tv hooked up. I’m going to miss shows tonight. I need a long Coax cable as a temp measure until I can get a wall jack in the right place.
– find some towels and face cloths.
– fix up the shower. My plan for getting in and out won’t work. I need a new one quick.
– get my toilet stuff. That and my phones were left behind. I think mom will get that to me today. But the toilet at my old place still need to be plumbed.
– get my phone buzzer to work. I’m not sure I can let anyone in.

If that can all happen, I think I’m in good shape. I’ll still need help to unpack, but that can be done slowly.

Great help from all yesterday. Thanks bunches! Thanks to Ritcey’s for all the packing. To Tim, Manchek and Treek for making sure I can get by. To Treek for doing the home care aide thing as a stop gap until the Creekside started. And to everyone who is sore today from lifting! Awesome!


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