Please help me move

I hate planning two or more things at once. My holiday currently has me worried enough.

But I started to have moving dreams. I think that means that I’m putting this off.

On May 31st I’m moving across town. It is a weird move actually. Mom and I are swapping condo units. Her stuff is coming here and vice versa.

Actually we are moving the minimal amount of stuff. Hopefully that will keep it simple. My bed and tv/stereo are the major things going over. Plus books and games and clothes. Mom is bringing a bed, 2 chairs, a love seat and a tiny deep freeze. Plus her clothes and kitchen stuff.

The help I’m asking comes in two parts. Some aid on the 24/25 of May to box the last of my junk. We’ve made a start, but I’ve got a lot of books and games.

Then some folks to help moving on the 31st.

Any takers? Email me. Please.


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