Weekly Recap

I feel great this morning. I was exhausted when I went to bed but, lo and behold, sleep banished my weariness.

Last week was good too.

My big work project is nigh complete. 25/28 done. All components in place just one more community to bring online. I finished all my planning and coordinating for the project on Friday.

I’ve actually had to start thinking strategically. Since starting I’ve had project deadlines overhead for years. The next such deadline is small in comparison. So there is time to think. Hard to get my brain to switch gears.

But the highlight of the week was one of the worst concerts I’ve ever attended. I’ll explain.

Friends were over Saturday and their kids said they’d show me their fiddling skills. But the instruments were at home. That evening they facetimed me for a 6 song review.

The kids were awesome. They’ve put in some hard work. I was thrilled and privileged to watch.

But the FaceTime quality was bad. There was audio static and video jitter and whole seconds where the whole feed cut out.

There were also charming distractions. Their youngest daughter also participated and the microphone sometimes chose her and muted the fiddles as background. But she was delightful.

It was all pretty awesome. Thanks for the show!

Of course, that was the family’s second kindness that day. We spent the afternoon sorting, tossing and packing. It is done except for books, games, gaming and comics. 🙂 So there is little visual difference! But really once comics are sorted my whole place can likely be packed in 3 hours now.

Gaming was cool. We did an alien infested space station scenario a la Alien. I played the guy who lost his cool. I hid, I cowered, I ranted. Great fun for me.

My home care has changed. On weekends they are coming to help at 9:30 am. This sucks. I feel I’m lying in bed waiting while the world passes me by. It is nearly 4 hours later than my weekday reveille and I just can’t sleep in that much.

On the plus side the extra care is working out great! AHS provides a pretty cool service to keep folks independent. And the aides are all cool.

Read a neat comic. Boxers and Saints is a two volume historical fiction about the Boxer Uprising in 1800. Each volume provides a view from the respective side. The Boxer volume is the tale of a boy who bit by bit betrays all his own morals in search of a greater good. Eventually this includes betraying those closest to him. The Saints volume is neat in that it shows all the slights done to the Boxers in the first volume as unintentional gaffes or just misunderstandings.

I watched several movies too. August Osage County was intense with great acting, but not really my thing. I saw After Earth too. This was totally my thing, but was fairly rotten.

That was the week that was. Thanks to everyone who lent a hand.

Have a great week.


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