Weekly Recap

Hurm. I saw Captain America: Winter Soldier. Good movie. My hopes were very high so I ended up a bit disappointed. But that is my fault not the movie’s.

It was very comic booky. By that I mean the serialized storytelling. Lots of elements introduced that will pay off in later movies. My favourite bit was the updating of the Arnim Zola concept.

Treek was down. That was cool. He seems to be doing well. As usual in received a free meal for the pleasure of his company. Tim and Pauly joined me. That would have been the highlight of the week, but I started to get kidney stone pain during dinner.

Gaming on Friday and Saturday. Yay. That was cool. Started a new Star Wars game on Friday. Was devoured by the black goat of the woods on Saturday.

Hmm. My project due at the end of March should be ending today. Kinda. We will be 11/14 done. We are done the rest too but actual cutover is waiting on external forces.

The big thing this week has been trouble standing though. Three times I’ve needed help to get out of bed in the last 10 days. . The other times it was a struggle. There were no easy days. I think I’m done being able to get up on my own.

The upshot is that I need to move. This week will be planning that. First task is a purge of everything if don’t need. I’ll be putting out a call for weekend help to sort and haul.

Sigh. I was hoping that after getting the chair I’d have a period of stability.

That was the week that was. I’m in a very bouncy van right now. It is like a kids roller coaster.

Talk to you later.


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