Weekly Recap

I went to see The Muppets Most Wanted yesterday. The best part is the cameos. There are over 20 I think. Some are blink and you miss them. Some are teen idol types I don’t know, but you know it’s a cameo.

More jokes missed than hit. But there were a million jokes. So I laughed aloud several times – often to jokes the kids in the audience did get at all.

The musical numbers were horrendously bad though. Bad.

There was a scene in the movie where Kermit reminded me somehow of Dad. Not sure why. Suddenly I was choked up during a funny bit though.

Really I watched many movies over the weekend. Frozen, Saving Mr. Banks and Pan’s Labyrinth were all Saturday. I can recommend all three. I liked how in Frozen the girls always saved themselves without, or despite, the aid of the boy. Now that we’ve done that maybe they can do one where boys and girls are equal partners.

Haven’t even finished my comics yet. 5 left to go. But I’m spending most of my time reading the Baroque Cycle again. I stop a lot in the book to compare it to the actual history.

Hmm. Walking Dead is having its strongest season since the first. And Justified is great. Those are my can’t miss tv.

Setbacks at work over the week. But, another part of my big project went live. So it is now 9/14ths done. This next weekend another 3/28ths will go production. And if I can keep it on track everything else should be handed over to business testers for the remainder. Basically my team’s role will be done. I’ll still need to coordinate the production changes and the DBAs will do the final copies, but most of our work will be done on deadline.

Rob finished his first SW adventure. Fun was had. The gundarks might have been an unforced Chekov pistol though… But they are set up as scary for the next time. Now we will see what is in Dano’s head.

I think that is the week that was.


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