Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night to find your brain is disconnected? You can lie there and feel it turn on.

where am I?
This is my bed. This is my room. I’m at home.

It is very dark. It is the middle of the night. Hmm. I..hmm. It wasn’t the weekend when I went to bed. But maybe it is now. No. No. It is Wednesday morning. I need to work in the morning. check clockI need to be up in three hours.

nuts. I just figured stuff out. I hope I can turn my brain off again and go back to sleep
Or let’s start to review responsibilities for tomorrow.

stupid brain. Animal hind brain wants more sleep.
Sorry. Those responsibilities reminded us of our hopes and fears. Let’s wake up the emotions and stew about them a bit.

we’re up. We’re up. Sonuvagun! It is way too early for this. Listen to your hind brain.
Stupid hind brain woke me up in the first place and started asking questions.

emotions and animal beat reason into submission

he’s out cold.

g’night. I got a good dream coming that you’ll like.


nuts. Just remembered why I woke everyone up. Need to pee.


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