Weekly Recap

My week was about reading a book. Dave texted me on Monday and told me of a new book release Tuesday. While I was buying that book I found out that Words of Radiance came out the same day.

Words of Radiance is the new fantasy epic by Brandon Sanderson. It is the sequel to Way of Kings. I think I’ll review it tomorrow. But it is a 1000 page doorstop and I couldn’t put it down.

I was also sick last week. Wednesday and Thursday I was weak, tired and coughing. I read a bit but mostly I drifted off.

I’ve been playing Rock Band 3 a lot the last few weeks. It came out just as I was growing tired on the genre. I had never finished it. Well now in my guitar career I’ve 5 started each song on medium. I’ve played every song on hard but two and I’ve five starred all of hard except 12. So I’m playing expert guitar and starting my bass career.

I do like those games.

Gaming was still awesome. Big turnout again. My GM’ing was far from perfect but folks seemed to have fun.

Watched 12 Years a Slave. Good film. But certainly not my favourite. It was better than Robocop though. That movie failed on many levels.

Add comics and that was my week.

I’m tired today. Adjusting to the time change. Hope everyone is well.

Stay good.


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