Weekly Recap

I’m tired this am. Not sure why.

I watched half the Oscars last night. I had planned to watch a nominated movie instead, but I’ve seen all the ones currently released already. So I watched the ceremony.

I found it lightly amusing.

The big happening this week was the start of our new Star Wars RPG campaign. It is hard to say why, but there is a ton of enthusiasm. Friday night 8 souls braved the cold to take part. And we gamed. It was pretty focused too.

And I think fun was had. If the spark carries another week that will be groovy.

Meanwhile Mother Nature tried to break us. April is really the big transition month, but March is warmer than February. But the last week has been bone chilling cold.

Now March is still winter, but I think we’ve made it. Today is warmer than yesterday. Tomorrow will be warmer again. There will be more chills yet this month. Hopefully none as harsh.

Even during the cold, it looked gorgeous outside. The sun is bright and high.

In other news it was a good food week at work. Satay soup from Pagolak. Delicious. Donairs from High Voltage. Burgers from Fatburger. I ate well everyday.

Well. I think that is that. I’ll take a quick nap before my bus now.

May the force be with you.


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