Weekly Recap

Wow. My weekend finished with a splash.

The highlight of the week was different though. A buddy called whom I hadn’t heard from in a long while. I suck at keeping in touch with friends.

It had gotten to the point when when I thought about calling I was worried about explaining why it had been so long since I called.

But we had a great chat. It takes about 5 minutes to catch someone up on my life. And then I seem to forget my mildly amusing anecdotes once they are committed herein.

Fortunately she had lots of cool stories. All in all it was a nice chat. Quite happy.

Finished the Dresden campaign Friday night. Out with a whimper – my climatic encounter never challenged the heroes. A was starting to wear them down through attrition but that isn’t satisfying. And I gave a nemesis a poor send off as he favoured a mindless frontal assault instead of previous tactics. (That was intentional. He was incensed beyond reason, but I didn’t get that across either.)

Then we decided on a new system to try. I won’t say it is a new campaign yet as the system might suck. But I think there is enthusiasm.

The game is Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars: Edge of Empire. (When I asked Tim to buy it for me I texted ‘FF SW EoE CR Pls.’ – but he understood my overly cryptic request.)

The system is crunchier than Dresden, but still have a strong narrative aspect. Also like Dresden it uses custom dice.

Like Dresden it has a familiar setting. But the game is set in a specific locale of the Star Wars universe. ‘The wretched hive of scum and villainy’ of the Outer Rim.

Next week will be character creation and maybe an adventure start. Everyone always loves character creation.

I saw Winter’s Tale in theatres yesterday. It is a fantasy about good vs. evil that spans 100 years. Colin Farrell, Russell Crowe and Jessica Brown Findley ( Downton Abbey) star. The first half is very good. The second half was a disaster. (Although there were still nice moments.)

I liked it but can’t recommend it.

Which brings me to last night. I came home from the movie. I had bought some batteries to see if I could play Guitar Hero from my chair. (I can!). I was just settling into a groove when there was an urgent knock.

“You’ve got a leak! It is flooding the suite below,” said the building maintenance dude.

It turned out I didn’t. But I too was being flooded from the suite above me. My front hall, bedroom hall and master bath were all underwater.

When they went up to fix it for awhile it sounded like a waterfall in there.

They sent a professional wet vac dude to clean the water. Now I have an industrial fan blowing. It is very loud. My bedroom felt like a sauna last night due to the humidity.

I was worried about walking across the wet carpet to bed. So Dave came over and he rigged up the bedroom so I could park there overnight. Fortunately the water didn’t make it all the way to my room so footing within was ok.

The fan will run until Tuesday. It is very loud. Then the condo folks are coming back to assess damage. I wonder if I should also get a second opinion on what needs replacing. Since it came from above it could be the feeling and floor drywall in addition to the carpets and lino and cupboards in the washroom. The idea of renos panics me. I hope not much damage was done.

So last week is in the books.

Take care. Hug someone. Check your pipes.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Chris says:

    Always get a second opinion. The folks that own the building will never pay for what they don’t have to….. Might be some drywall has to be replaced, you do not want any mold issues.

    Just think, you may just get to choose some new paint options…. See I’m not always negative 🙂

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