Weekly Recap


There were no great happenings last week. But it was just a nice week.

As we get to the end of the cold snap, you start to, falsely, feel the end of winter coming. Realistically winter continues until the end of March. But average temps are increasing. I hope this will be the last cold spell of this length and intensity.

Already the light has brightened. When I got home yesterday I needed the lights. But I didn’t need the light from the condo hallway to find them.

Big for me was taking care of business. My old business that is. I finally engaged a accountant to shut it down. All my records are gathered and handed over. It is a load off my mind. One I never talked about because I knew I’d get no sympathy. It is one more thing the wheelchair made easier – going through my records without worrying about falling.

And work itself was grand. Crazy, but grand. Two major projects went live last week. Only five left before the end of the year. And significant progress was made on those as well.

I also had a meeting with my old boss Stuart. That always makes me happy. I quite like him.

Mom popped in. Out of nowhere she showed with dinner on Tuesday night. It was a treat. Except the soup. But her presence and the rest of the food was excellent.

She tried to trick me into liking squash soup by calling it vegetable. But I’m no more susceptible to her rises now than when I was six. I ate most of it so she would give me desert. So I can still be bribed like a six year old too.

Comics were cool. The new Invaders series is fun. And there was a new Ms. Marvel #1. It was excellent. Marvel has a great track record of creating young heroes who learn to cope with the responsibility of their powers. Spidey is the obvious template. But I could likely name ten others. Hmm let’s try.

Nova, Power Pack, Ms. Marvel, Runaways. Hmm. Cloak and Dagger. The young teams might be cheating: Young Avengers, New Mutants, New Warriors – there were other themes there. Nuts. I’m sure I’m missing some obvious ones to reach ten.

But the new Ms. Marvel is excellent. One issue in and there is a well rounded interesting character there.

Played Stone Age on Sunday. I was in the back, but with a plan. I ended the game strongly in the lead. But not so much that my brother’s final scoring didn’t win him the game.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday I watched the Olympics. That will be what I do for the next week and a half. It sucks that all the events happen either at night or during the morning while I’m working. I only catch the recasts which are always edited to force a narrative and focus on Canada.

On the other hand I’m not sure I could have taken the stress of watching some of the events live.

I bought a new RPG on Sunday. But I screwed up and got the wrong product. The Star Wars Edge of Empire game seems well suited to is. The promo material makes it scifi in a setting we love. It emphasizes narrative gameplay elements. And, while it has the force, it keeps its impact low.

I think I like it based on the product I bought. I also went dice crazy. The game uses special dice. I bought three different sets.

Finally, I want to recommend The Lego Movie. I know I had a giant rant yesterday, but it was still an excellent show.

Take care and stay warm.

Oh – and thanks to the firefighters who spent a week outside in some of the worst weather of the year raising money for MD. Since I’m driving the proceeds I quite appreciate it.



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