Notes on a speech I won’t give

Earlier this week Tim asked if anyone would like to speak at the St. Joe’s College formal. Although it sounded like a blast I didn’t volunteer. Tim spoke last year and I worried that there’d be too much overlap.

But since then I’ve been unable to stop thinking on what topics I’d cover. What follows are notes from which I’d derive such a speech.

Living with the Basilians – debates with Fr. Jeff and Fr. Tim, our pride in Fr. Firth entering the turkey trot – we’d get a turkey for eldest participant, Fr. Steve’s general wackiness.

The Star Trek wars – there were daily struggles between the geeks who wanted to watch and the non-geeks who wanted anything but.

Annoying and amusing dorm mates – I angered one learning to juggle, knocking on Ernie’s door, mission control

Room Trashing – my newspaper incident, the bricks incident, moving Fr. Steve, the garbage can on water incident.


The cup – three-peat up to six pack. Team Kamenka – when you weren’t good enough for Anklers. Pong in a bath robe. (Oh and the follow who seriously sprained his ankle during a vicious pong rally.)

Movie nights. Awkward fights.

Other stupidity? The sign incident. The window at Angelo’s. Late night bleeding in the emergency room while they ate my chocolate bar.

Gaming in the classrooms. An epic Star Wars campaign.

The importance of the right president in the feel of the dorm.

Stair dancing. Oi.

Getting kicked out of honours.

The food – especially Rosa’s buns.

Last chance mass – the last Sunday service in the city.

Jersey night and Dean. Still tough.

I’m stuck here. Brainstorming just circles around that one night.

That is just a big list of stuff. I might add more later. To be a speech, I’d need to find a theme. Then winnow it to the right bits.

A lot of what I remember are the crazy stupid bits. But I remember one of our formals when the speaker listed such stories. I immediately wanted to compete – ours were stupider, crazier, more daring.

I might go more earnest. The great people. The fight for the cup – the early years we thought we needed to win so there was a huge push. Later we knew it was ours to lose. Losing Dean and how that changed us. Do triumphs and losses instead of wackiness.

Or maybe a different angle. I’ll keep thinking.


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