Entertainment notes

Phillip Seymour Hoffman – I first saw him as the toady in the Big Lebowski. He was funny. Then he was in a bigger role in Magnolia and was awesome. And then some scene stealing scenes in Almost Famous. “You are not cool.”

I didn’t like all his roles. But he was always worth watching. I regret the movies I won’t ever see with him. I can’t imagine the loss for his kids.

Lone Survivor – War movies have such negative buzz these days that I keep forgetting I like them. I quite enjoyed this flick. Some of the jingoism is a bit much, but the core theme was a kindness is repaid. And the end when the American military machine finally gets to be unleashed is awesome. (In the original fear inspiring meaning).

In the vein of Blackhawk Down. A solid action flick that isn’t stupid.

Sherlock – I finished the Sherlock series three last night. I loved it. The second episode was my favourite. Perhaps because I like speeches.

The third episode was a bit of a departure. No mystery to solve. Less clever/funny bits. A villain who is truly repulsive.

But it didn’t feel the same. I am not sure it quite worked. And the end denouement was too long. And the series cliffhanger wasn’t up to the series one and two standards.

Not my favourite episode.

Still it was an excellent series.

Those are my notes.


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