Weekly Recap

I was feeling quite sorry for myself by the time Friday rolled around. One thing I like is a block of time just to myself and I wasn’t getting it last week.

Friday – guys
Saturday – scotch
Sunday – out to mall
Monday – dinner at Mom’s
Tuesday – care aide was in
Wednesday – Tim visits
Thursday – funeral

Now most of those things were very good things. I’m glad I did them all. But I really wanted some time.

Then the power went out Friday morning. 6:15 am or thereabouts. I was getting dressed. Suddenly, the tv shuts off and all the lights go out.

My aide found my flashlight. It is a crank model because I know it will always work. As I finished dressing in a pool of light, I realized the elevator would be out too.

So I cancelled my bus and called in to work. I now had the time I wanted all week. I worked a bit and kept things going on a couple projects. But I luxuriated in the quiet.

The outage wasn’t long. Power was restored around 7:35 am.

– Aside – two snow white bunnies are chasing each other through the parking lot. Cute!

The biggest happening was going to the funeral prayer service. It was a very lovely service. It was half French and half English.

That is my week really. Reading comics, watching movies and tv, working. These filled the hours between.

Thanks for dinner Mom. It was great.

Take care all!


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