Four annoyances and a Comeuppance

Yesterday four things annoyed me and I arrived home tired and frustrated.

First I had to book a bus for today. But I couldn’t get the time I wanted for the trip. As a result I’m leaving work an extra hour early.

Next my maids called to tell me they couldn’t clean my place because the key doesn’t work. I’ve got a good idea why. Often when I come home after a cleaning day I find the door locked but unlatched. This means they are pulling the door shut with the key and turning under pressure. I think the key is probably bent.

Anyway, my house is a disaster. I’ll need to ask a favour to get a new key cut. And I’ll need to take time off work to get the new key to my maids.

Then there was my bus ride home. Total length of trip was 2 hours 45 minutes. Fine weather. No accidents. We didn’t go anywhere that the roads were horrible (although they were bad in places).

90 minutes on the bus. An hour and 15 minutes waiting in the lobby at work. My feeling is that since they were running so late picking me up I shouldn’t have been on a milk run. But I was.

At 7 my home care aide arrived to help me bathe. Of course, I was still on the bus. She called and offered to come back later, but I knew I’d only have time for one of supper or my shower before bed. So I cancelled the aide and now I’ll be a bit stinky.

Four things. I was frustrated when I finally got home. By 7:30 I was watching tv and my pizza arrived. (I had ordered while still on the bus,)

My favourite delivery driver was at the door. He asked after Tim. He expressed concern about my new chair because he was worried I’m getting sicker. I assured him I’m awesome and the chair is tons of nifty.

Then he told me of the struggles his family is having. His adult daughter has a recurrence of cancer and apparently it is not responding to treatment.

Well. My annoyances for the day sure felt petty.

He is my favourite driver because he is always joyful when he sees me. His happiness is contagious. It was the same yesterday when he arrived at the door. Once we started talking he was more somber, but still hopeful.

It amazes me how people get beaten down by the little things. However, their character and strength comes through when faced with true hardship.

He was so proud of his daughter. Proud of his grandchildren and the help they have been.

I hope I’m as resilient when faced with problems. I hope I can remember that annoyances are just that.

And I hope and pray for the family of my favourite pizza delivery guy.


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