Weekly Recap

Hmm. Well.

Last week was a waste. I had a list of tasks to accomplish. I finished but one.

For shopping I still need a mat and slippers. I write them here so that I don’t forget them again. I was sitting outside bath and beyond yesterday thinking, “I need something in there.” But I had no clue what.

I had a list of phone calls to make and bills to pay. I’m about half done. But the biggest is still not started.

I set myself chores for the weekend. I did laundry, but that is it. Otherwise I watched old episodes of Sherlock.

My one big accomplishment for the week was finishing the Harry Potter series again. I was a bit engrossed in those silly books. Glad I’m finished.

Big task for the day is an eye check up. I’ll order new glasses and finally get rid of these tiny ones I’ve had for years.

Justified started last week. We are now into watching shows I like again. Yay!

I saw Jack Ryan in theatre yesterday. I enjoyed it. A solid action thriller. Ultimately forgettable, but fun while I was there.

That was the week. Take care everyone. I hope you finish what you plan this week.


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