Weekly Recap

Hey everybody! I’m in a great temper with lots to mention.

Many happy returns of the day to one deserving recipient.

My wheelchair arrived. It may be even more awesome than I expected. I’ve been tooling around in it for 3 full days. It falls just short of perfection, but then so do I.

When fully elevated, I can look a 6′ person in the eyes. I can see over the cubicles at work.

I can move fast. Much faster than a walker. A normal walker that is – not the walking dead type walker.

It is pretty comfortable.

I like it.

On Saturday, Mom, Tim and I went to watch the movie Inside Llewyn Davis. I loved it. One of the best movies of the year. Every few features the Coen’s make a film about a depressed guy – Barton Fink, The Man Who Wasn’t there, A Solitary Man, etc. this movie was along those lines. But it was also very funny. I liked the music. I loved the dialogue. It had Carey Mulligan. And John Goodman. And there were stories about cats.

No one else liked it though. Too depressing. But I left in high spirits.

Played a new game on Friday. A really challenging co-op called Robinson Crusoe. We may never, ever, ever win. Never. It is hard. But drenched in theme.

The key choice is risk vs. reward. If you take the risk, you might fail the action. You can guarantee the action success, but the cost is that you’ll have too few actions as a result.

We lost a red wound marker though. I thought it went the way of the list fate die. But it turned up Sunday on the floor of my kitchen. Yay!

Downton Abbey started again last week. Cool.

Now it is time for work. Pretty excited.

Rest your ankles. Take it easy. I hope y’all had a good week too.


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