Weekly Recap

I had an eventful week, but this is really about The Hobbit.


I watched the new Hobbit movie yesterday. Most people are saying it is an improvement over the first. Less walking, less dinner parties, more fighting.

Meh. As a fan of the book I was unimpressed.

There is a lot to impress during the action scenes though. I’ve waited my whole life to see a dragon on screen as impressive as those in my imagination. Smaug is just plain cool.

Legolas and Tauriel are completely kick butt. They do something awesome every moment they are in action.

But they are also a symptom of my issue with the movie. Instead of a charming kids book where Bilbo success using wit and courage, there is a giant action movie.

No talking animals. Lots of orcs. When Smaug queries Bilbo it is just a prelude to an action scene rather than the centre of the whole story.

Plus they worked a love triangle into the story. It is an echo of a dropped subplot in LOTR. It kinda works, but it is still completely extraneous.

Go for the spectacle. But not its fidelity to the book.


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