Weekly Recap

The weather is beating me down. This might be short.

I was watching the news and was excited to hear we have seasonal temps today. But then my aide came in and said it had snowed. My drive will still be a nightmare.

I skipped the one Christmas party I wanted to go to on Saturday. A combination of the cold and the lateness. It just seems foolhardy to go out.

The worst was my trip to work on Friday. It lasted just under 3 hours. My first bus broke down. It just stalled out. It was a nightmare day on the roads with accidents at the river for both the Henday and the Whitemud. So the replacement bus and coordinator took a while.

Then the lift on the second bus wouldn’t deploy. A repair crew had to come out to extricate me.

In good news my chair has been ordered. We are just waiting on delivery now. The stated date is before Christmas.

That gives me new worries in and of itself, but I’ll leave those for another time.

Watched no movies worth noting. The book I’m reading is not good. Comics were quite good. Really it comes out as a meh week for entertainment.

This week will be better. Just need to make it to work.

Take care. Have a great week.


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