Winter Roads

Come the snowfall we begin to complain about winter roads. It goes on longer than winter itself since it segues into spring potholes with no pause.

How long should residential blading take after a snowfall?

How long should it take to clear windrows?

How long should arterial and bus routes take to clear?

How close to pavement should they grade?

Why does residential blading suck (windrows on driveways, only 1 lane plowed, etc.)?

All that seems certain is that the city is not meeting expectations. The only real question I have to ask in this blog is this: Are our expectations unreasonably high?

If you’ve gotten stuck you won’t say yes. If you’ve had to shovel to get out of your driveway after a plowing. You’ll be rightfully annoyed. If your commute is three times longer than normal, the city announcing clearing delays will no doubt annoy.

But we live in Edmonton. There are no magic snow fairies creating oaths. Every mind numbing meter of our roads is cleared by people. Each meter takes time. Each meter is some poor fellow who might be pulling a double shift to meet expectations.

The sprawl of the city doesn’t help. I’ve noted this before. We create new roads every year.

We should demand more. We can want better. Why can’t windrows be cleared at schools as they are created? There is no great reason why driveways should be blocked.

But the snow will be here until April. We will be inconvenienced. I don’t have to like it, but I need to accept it.

Ah. Let’s be honest. I’ll complain anyway for the sake of complaining.


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