Weekly Recap

I have nothing bad to say about last week! I was a solid – if boring week.

Work is hard. Lots to do. But progress is being made.

Comics finally came in. Two weeks at once. I’m still reading them. I have 11 titles left to go.

Mom brought Thursday dinner. It was delicious. There was enough that it was also Saturday lunch.

I had no mobility issues last week.

My wheelchair has finally been ordered. The vendor says delivery before Christmas is possible. But I’m not holding my breath.

I did four blogs I’m not unhappy with last week.

But the highlight was Friday gaming. After over a year of anticipation, I finally played Terra Mystica. I lost. Oh, how I lost. Normally there is a bit of disappointment following that much waiting. Nothing can live up to the hype. But the game was just excellent.

It isn’t hard to play. It isn’t too long. But it is quite complex. Every decision makes a difference. There is no randomness outside game setup. But unlike most such games the theme doesn’t just feel stuck on.

For a Eurogame it has quite a bit of interaction too – none of it direct. That is good for us because we sometimes get angry during direct conflict games.

Not for everyone. It is a game for gamers – not casual family or friend evenings. But it will see play again.

And that was the week that was.

Drive safe.


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