Weekly Recap

Highlight: Conference
Lowlight: Snow and/or standing

But there is a lot to jabber on about this week.

I went to see Michael Geist speak yesterday. He is an expert on trade stuff in the modern era – digital rights, lawful access, copyright, etc. The downside was that I knew most of his content. I’d read up on it a few years ago when I was interested in Bill C-32. And I caught up on the bullet points of developments since then in preparation for the talk.

But the message of the talk – that grassroots activism in Canada can make a difference – was pretty cool.

The QA after was neat. A lot of the participants were old tech and Geist’s was a new tech speech. The first questions were a bit, “What are the Internets?” But there were good questions too.

As I sat waiting for my bus I though of five’ish questions I wished to ask. Maybe I’ll blog those tomorrow.

Also yesterday I watched Doctor Who. The episode had flaws. For instance the opening stunt was cool as a stunt, but really silly on screen. But, as a whole, it was a tremendous episode. Three different Doctors in the lead and cameos and references. That was just fun. The plot was a giant retcon. But the kind I like. I imagine there will be haters. But the story will change the show for the coming year.

Gaming was cool. Not that we really gamed. P & S came in from the far east. We gabbed most of the evening and wrappers things up with a couple rounds of Cash and Guns. Great fun. And P delivered my game shipment. Very excited.

The snow. It impacted me in five ways. I missed last weeks scotch tasting. My bus rides often lasted more than two hours. Once at work I was stuck in the office. And Tuesday I stayed home to avoid the snow. Finally the comics were delayed a week. Apparently our shipment hit the ditch.

The lengthy bus rides were the worst. After a two hour commute you are just exhausted. I’d spend so much time online my phone was always near dead.

But worse was home. I seem to be in a cycle of having trouble standing from things. Three weeks ago I had trouble in the washroom. Two weeks ago it was my lazy boy. And Friday it was my bed.

I’m spending an inordinate amount of time worried if I’ll get stuck.

I’m intent on doing nothing until my chair comes in. But after that I’ll need to rethink how I’m getting along.

That is the week in short. I’m skipping work and email chains, hanging out with Tim and the Friday night conversations. It was a busy week.

Take care. Stay warm.


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