Uncle Terry

My uncle passed away on the weekend.

Seems like I should just end there. I have nothing profound to say. I’m thinking about how is feel if my brother died. It is horrid to think of Mom and my aunts experiencing that.

Uncle Terry was the one known as cranky in a family proud of their crankiness. We didn’t see much of him growing up. And even after he retired I missed those opportunities as I stopped travelling.

Most of my memories are him at Grandma’s when he had his holiday overlap with ours. But he was an adult and I a kid. Missed opportunities.

I liked him though.

A near lifelong bachelor, late in life, Uncle Terry found love. It is tragic that he and Joan had so little time. But I think the time he did have was among the best in his life. I find that very cool.

Please say a prayer for him. And ask for strength and fond memories for Joan, my Mom and aunts.


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