Lest we forget

It seems that we have forgotten. We’ve been in Afghanistan for 13 years, but we don’t appreciate our veterans.

It is a war that goes away when we turn off the tv. You may know soldiers, but likely you do not. Those wounded and killed are strangers on TV or maybe friends of friends.

Nearly one tenth of our population served in World War One. Over one tenth of those died. It wasn’t friends of friends who served it was you neighbours, brothers and sons. The entirety of the country experienced direct consequences. Forgetting must have seemed impossible.

But we returned to war. Even more Canadians served in World War Two.

When I was a child the WWI vets were few, ancient and attended in wheelchairs. Now WWII vets are in that same age bracket.

War is horrendous. No one is more aware of that than our soldiers. We don’t gather to remember war.

We gather to remember people and loss. War isn’t really something that can be turned on and off on tv. They thought World War One was the war to end all wars. That the loss experienced was so overwhelming that we wouldn’t ever start another. But there was another. And another. And another. There has never been a year of global peace.

Our soldiers serve and sacrifice. Still. They know their service won’t end war. Still, they serve and sacrifice.

It is so important to remember. To pause. To grieve. It might not be everyday. But it is today that we remember. Remember what we may have forgotten.


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