Should Ford resign?

I never would have voted for him to begin with. And I’d be quite mad (frothing) that he isn’t resigning.

But, his argument that he still has the people’s mandate has some value. When they elected him last time, Torontonians knew:

1) that Ford has little respect for the law. He’d skirted it in shady deals before.

2) that Ford was a drunk and quite possibly an alcoholic.

3) that he would exhibit boorish behaviour that other places/people would look down on.

With his admission yesterday has any of that changed? His use of crack seems like an extension of known vices not the reveal of something that portrays him in a new light.

I say hold an immediate by-election. I hope that Toronto holds their leaders to a higher standard. I’d want my leaders to hold themselves to a higher standard, but since that isn’t the case ask the people for their mandate.

We complain that our leaders are sleazy, lying, power hungry and selfish. But we vote them in. And we should vote them out again.

If we want a higher standard; if a boorish, alcoholic criminal who smokes crack is unacceptable then make it clear.

Good luck Toronto.


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