Weekly Recap

Well I put up my little whine note last week so there remains only good stuff to discuss today.

Sandman: Overture finally started. Announced over a year ago, I seem to have been waiting forever. It was awesome. So very good.

But I am missing an Iron Man comic from two weeks ago. That makes me sad.

The big X-Men crossover ended as well. I enjoyed it. The premise was neat – X-Men from three eras fighting. However, the threat never gelled. So I loved moments of it, but the arc didn’t work.

Ok. Enough comics.

I read another Connie Willis book – The Doomsday Book. It was pretty awesome. I was surprised at how it turned. Willis remains a great find of an author. I’ve downloaded her short stories next, but I might just pause to quickly go read Ender’s Game again.

That was the movie I saw this weekend. Except for the very end I thought it worked. The presentation of the battle room and Formica simulations were all cool. Everything a fan could want. But the movie is abridged – one major plot line is excised completely and battle school and command school (particularly the later) seem like a greatest hits version.

I certainly recommend for sci fi fans.

I won a game Friday night. Dan picked out Glen More, but had wanted Ora et Labora. I kicked butt – staying focused on goals.

Then we played Myrmes. That game knocked us all about. Our high score was about 35. Apparently a good score is in the 70s. I lost and Tim won. I didn’t keep my eye on the goals. The game requires you to have a purpose every season. Tricky.

Hmm. That was the fun stuff in the week that was. Now a full week with a long weekend as the reward.

Take care and stay warm. Happy birthday to those with those this week.


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