Weekly Recap

Let’s saunter quickly through the usual stuff.

Book – I read the third Locke Lamora book. Quite good.

Movie – I saw The Counselor. Sucky.

Comics – Velvet, Daredevil, Wolverine and the X-Men and young Avengers were stand outs. I highly recommend Velvet. It is a new spy comic by Brubaker’s and Epting.

Gaming – We won! Evil was vanquished. Now I need a plot to wrap up the campaign.

Work – early half of the week was great. The last half was a scramble. Colds and Flus are keeping folks out each day.

Ok. The good stuff.

I went to a party at Dave’s Saturday. He is still younger than I, but not much. Good times. Nearly killed my friends getting me into the house. I need a Tenser’s Floating Disk spell. Saw folks I haven’t in a good long while. Nifty. There was a streaker.

It was all very nice. Good party.

The other news is that we’ve finally reached the next stage of Wheelchair watch 2013. I’ve been approved for full government funding. This is a surprise since I was waiting for a denial. Next step is to get the approval letter and get it ordered. Both should happen this week.

I’m feeling pretty good. I hope y’all are too. Busy week ahead.

Get your flu shots. Take care. Look after your loved ones. Make a snow ball before it vanishes.


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