Tiny personal victory!

I dropped my glasses off the edge of my night table as I went to sleep last night. Normally this is not a big deal.

This morning I woke and, having forgotten, couldn’t find them. My brain fog lifted, I turned on my reasons lamp and I could make out their blurry outline on the floor.

No problem. There is a spare pair of glasses in the drawer. Nope. The case is empty and they are missing (later I had home care find them under my bed.)

No problem. I keep a pickup stick on my bedside table for these situations. Nope. I remembered it was across the room. I had used I to pick up dropped socks the day before and not returned it.

My glasses were four feet away and completely out of reach. But why was I worried?

For those unaware my eyesight sucks. I’ve had glasses since I was seven. You come to rely on them. The hardest thing I normally do each morning is get out of bed.

After lying in bed all night, my limbs are never too cooperative for their first trial of the day. Without being able to make out my feet I was really unsure I could stand safely. I’d be relying on muscle memory and kinaesthesia. I didn’t trust either!

At this point I briefly considered giving up and going back to bed. I’d call for help to get my glasses at 7. But it was only briefly. While I wasn’t sure I could stand, the risk of falling seemed low’ish. I probably would just not stand. To call it quits without an attempt was just too lame and wussy.

But I really didn’t know… Fail, fall or stand were all valid possibilities.

I tried and it turned out to be easy. My limited sighted, proprioception and routine were more than enough. Walking to my pickup stick, back to my glasses and finally retrieving them was trickier, but that wasn’t even a worry I’d had.


The lamest one ever. At the end I was in the same state I was every morning just 5 minutes later. I couldn’t believe that such a tiny hurdle nearly stopped me up this morning.

So I post this – the most boring success story ever.

Now off to work.


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