Weekly Recap

Well, the Thanksgiving day holiday upped my normal laziness levels to new heights. So there were no posts last week. But I’m back today.

Unfortunately, last week nothing happened. So this will be dull.

Thanksgiving dinner was a week ago today. Obviously the highlight. Tim cooked as we gathered at his place. Quiet and nice. The food was excellent.

Saw the new car. Looks quite nice. I approve. Not that that matters.

Then work was ok.

Comics were ok.

Gaming was cool. I won a round of Kingsburg. And we heard of another’s fancy modelling outing.

Finished the book I was excited about in my last post. Ironically I bogged down in the middle and lost some interest. But it finished strong. My issue was that the silliness was going on too long when the answer was obvious. Still Connie Willis is a find. I’ll start another of her books this week.

But now I’m reading the 3rd Locke Lamora book. Yay! Been waiting for years on this one. “Republic of Thieves”.

Over the long weekend Pauly went to get me a few new board games. But all the ones I wanted were sold out. Sigh. I couldn’t find good substitutes. So the trip was mostly a bust.

This week I’ve spent more time on the Geek researching games. Essen is this weekend. I’m sure the next time someone goes for me I’ll have a longer want list.

Finally I saw Captain Phillips on the weekend. Excellent show. I’ve seen it critiqued for being too jingoistic. But I only saw them displaying the American military as very competent. They are very hard on their military sometimes.

The movie is a Tom Hanks showcase. The tension at the end is very high. Good show.

And that was the week that was.

Stay warm. Take care. Don’t feed stray lynx.


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