Crosswords and scifi

Sci-fi writer Connie __________.

No such person I told Mother. I know things like this. If there is a famous sci-fi writer, I have heard of them and most likely read them.

It looks like it could be Willis.

I cheated a bit and googled Connie Willis.

Being wrong can be great. Connie Willis has won more major sci-fi awards than any other writer. And I’d completely missed her. Only one of her books even rang a bell – The Doomsday Book.

On Sunday I checked the library. Sure enough she was there prominently displayed. Wells, White, Whyte and then Willis.

I finished the book I was reading already on Tuesday morning. Then I bought To Say Nothing of the Dog.

Oh my goodness. I’m only 20% done, but the book is a marvel. So good.

And after this I’ve the rest of her oeuvre to plunder. I am very excited.

Thanks crossword.


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