Weekly Recap

Well I was in a foul mood on Friday, but the week was actually pretty good.

Let’s hit the low points. One I can’t talk about. But it left me feeling battered. The other was my wheelchair acquisition. After two weeks of trying to get any word, I was told my submission didn’t get reviewed at all in September and will need to wait until October. Apparently we missed the September submission cutoff even though it was submitted the second last week of August. It got hung up in the mail and I suspect holiday schedules. Now the best case scenario is ordering it in early November. It should arrive before Christmas. Any more delays will put it into the new year.

Also I haven’t read any good books in the last week. But now I’m quibbling.

The end of Breaking Bad was incredible. A great resolve to the series. My favourite bit was spending time making a small box. It was a slow character moment. Time taken where there was still a lot of plot to cover. It was masterful.

Both Tim and I agree we were a little dissatisfied with the finale because it offended our innate sense of Justice. But I can’t really explain that without spoilers.

I had my last Pharmacy class. It wrapped well. They gave me coffee in appreciation. I wish I had more time with them. Three have great potential that still needs a bit of coaxing. And I suspect another three of the same. But all succeeded and are good speakers now.

Comics were good this week. None stood out. Lazarus was excellent, but it is always excellent. I’m enjoying the Xmen crossover too, but that should come as no surprise. I always like them.

I took Friday off. As I explained last week I was getting worn out. It was good. All my issues getting up went away with a couple extra hours sleep. I spent the day on laundry and tv. Nothing too exciting there.

Played a new adventure game, Gone Home. Ultimately the ending made me very angry. But is was a new kind of game. Very interesting.i might review it too.

Went to Mom’s on Saturday. I had a very nice visit. A sales guy, scotch, a crossword and supper.

Sunday was the true highlight if the week. I watched the first truly great movie I’ve seen this year. Gravity is outstanding. I think I’ll do a review tomorrow. It is a spectacle that benefits a theatre, a giant screen and even the 3 D.

Finally Treek stopped by for a very brief visit. As an unemployed bum, he worked more than two months of hours in September. I guess no one is truly unemployed during harvest if they (or their family) own a farm. (The same holds true of Dano last month,).

It was great to see him. Although there wasn’t time for our normal visit to the Keg. He is coming back through next week. Maybe then.

And that is the week that was. As always, take care. Stay safe. Stay good.


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