Weekly Recap

Well, my week was lousy. Figuratively – there were no real lice.

Ok. Really there was more good than bad. That is usual. But you tend to dwell on the bad.

The highlight was Thursday drinks. Around 20 of us hung out at Brewsters and talked. That was good. It was an amazingly good comics week. East of West, Wolvie and the X-Men, Wonder Woman – these were tres belle. Gaming was excellent – I had fun. And Pauly started some nice conversations. My class on Monday was a great success. Only four speeches, but all were good. There is one lad I want for two more speeches – I’m sure I could draw him out – he’s got the skills but no confidence.

Church, Edo and a movie – my Sunday routine was rewarding. I saw Don Jon. I quite liked it, but not everyone in the theatre with me did. It has some failures is the middle act that result in the ending not quite clicking. Hmm – there is something else too.

I can’t quite recommend it. But if you like JGL and the rest of the cast, and quirky comedies and some light drama in your comedy. It felt a bit like Entourage mixed with a Woody Allen picture.

So those were the good.

Work – everything is going well, but I feel as though I’m losing the respect of my boss. I dunno. I need to get more done. There was also a brouhaha. Resolved now, but I hate personality conflicts. And there was an outage – preventable. Part of the issue was that only I seemed to care.

And the course exhausts me. I love it, but I’ll be glad it is over. Late nights, 14+ hours in the scooter and I don’t eat well. I spend the rest of the week catching up. And every week seems a bit worse.

Between the course and drinks Thursday , I had a few late nights. Wednesday night I struggled to get out of my chair. Thursday morning it was the same in the bathroom. But Thursday night was the pits. I just could not get my left leg under me. I tried and tried until me arms and left leg were both shaking with the exertion. My last attempts were shadows of the first ones. Eventually I needed to call for help.

Dave was great. He was ebboulient – chopper and helpful. But it was still a lift to my feet.

Now I spent the rest of the weekend wondering if that was just being overtired or if my chairs are now too low. I stood twice as often Saturday as is my habit. Fortunately there were no issues – up the first try every time. But was it tough every time? I’m still worried.

Finally on my chronicle of woe, I heard nothing about my new chair last week. That was supposed to be the week I did hear, but there was nothing. Quite frustrating.

That was my week. I hope yours was better. Stay good.

The sun is coming up. Pale blue sky with wisps of cloud coloured pink and orange. Pretty.


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