Weekly Recap

I’m sitting waiting for the bus. I could be awhile so I’ll do a recap.

My buses have been annoying since school started. The added traffic is increasing the ride by 15 minutes at least. The result is that though I’m here waiting now I’m often late for work at 8:15.

I was tired last week. That is what I remember most. Monday was cool, but the rest of the week was long. With the school work added I don’t get many week nights to just relax.

I spent a good portion of the week talking about how cool my Pharmacy class is. Different this year is a high ratio of rural students. I find it refreshing. I have to admit the women are quite cute too. But they are now officially half my age. Yowsa!
I also read The Name of the Wind and A Wise Man’s Fear. I think I enjoyed the second book more this time around.

On Friday I lost a Fate die. Now I need new ones. Plus I finished my adventure.

I wonder if I can convince someone to make a run to Mission and get me a new die. And maybe a new game or two. I’ll bring it up next week.

The 20th was the day my wheelchair application was reviewed. I’ll call today to determine the results. My goal is to finally order the chair this week.

Saw Mom and Tim. I wasn’t great company during either visit as I was tired. Sorry! My hospitality sucks normally so it was extra bad.

The highlight of the week was a toddler staring at me in church. She had giant brown Bambi-type eyes. Her parents walked her around during mass to keep her quite. If I waved at her she’d freeze up completely. Once I waved, she froze and when her Dad urged her on she walked straight into a pew. She wasn’t even really stunned – she just kept staring. I felt guilty for distracting her and for laughing. She was too cute.

I saw Prisoners yesterday. Good movie. Not a fun movie though. I recommend it, but be prepared for the intensity – buying the ticket I was warned of Brutal Violence by the computer. I shut my eyes during a couple scenes. Not from the ugliness itself, but the anticipation thereof. I’m not doing much to recommend it. The idea of the film is how far you’d go to save your children.

The rest of the week was work, comics and tv. They were all good.

My thoughts this week are with the sick and those who care for them. Take care.

Have a good week y’all.


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