Good Morning Edmonton!

For the past two weeks I’ve woken refreshed. I’ve woken refreshed and eager and bouncy.

This is not typical.

When I was quite young I once told my parents that I’d never sleep in like they did. Their response was, “Wait until you’re a teenager.”

Sure enough I stopped seeing early mornings. I love the weight of a comforter. I like waking up and deciding it is too early and rolling back over again.

One of my objectives every weekend is sleeping in. It doesn’t normally make it into my recaps, but it is normally in the top 5 things I do a week.

So first thing in the morning is a time for more sleep. Not for getting up. During my first year or two of work, I became enamoured with my snooze bar. I could hit it 2 or 3 times in the morning and then rush around to get to work.

When I read 4 snoozes, I knew I had a problem. I switched to a non-snoozing alarm. This has worked out as ice grown slower. I only have one speed now. There is less option to rush in the morning.

Typically my morning lethargy lasts only until I start moving around. Some blood flow to my legs, a glass of water, a splash of water on my face and I start to come around. I discover I am we’ll rested after all.

I know I’m tired if I still carry that initial brain fog into the office. Occasionally a greeting of “Grr!” escapes rather than “Good morning!” But the amount of time it takes to dissipate on a normal day is variable. Somewhere between 30 minutes of waking and 2 hours.

But lately? I’ve nigh hopped from bed. I’ve been humming and singing through the morning routine.

That ended today. As I write these words I find my energy has finally pooled. However the previous 2.5 hours were very long.

I like singing, joyful morning me better. I wonder if I could find him by crawling back into bed?


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