Weekly Recap


Last week was fairly awesome.

Every morning I woke up excited about the day. This is odd because I’m not a morning person – although I am most productive in the morning.

I saw my Dr. I’m not dying and that should be the final Dr. Visit for a few months. Yay!

Tim got back from PAX and regaled me with awesome tales. On Friday, I liked one so much I has to tell it myself even though Tim was there. I suck. Tim and I talked so much I didn’t read a single comic that night.

My new book reader arrived on Friday. Thanks to the Silvestri’s for delivery. It is cool. It works just like my old one, but with a ton of improvements. It is smaller and faster. It has wifi and 3G. A touch screen. But the feature I’m most enamoured with is the light. I can now read in the dark – like a morning bus. But it doesn’t changed the static presentation of the words on screen. It still works by reflected light not projected light. Great success.

The guys were all about for Friday night. No game, but lots of talking. It was nice to have everyone home. I missed them.

I saw Riddick on Sunday. It is a retread of Pitch Black. But I enjoyed it. Here is a little story.

My bus home leaves at 4:30 pm and the only showing time was 2:10 pm. The movie was 1:59 long. I was playing it close, but I thought 20 minutes would be enough. 1:59 plus trailers minus credits. Probably 15 minutes to go from the theatre to the bus.

But projection didn’t work at first. There was sound but no picture. It took about 5 minutes to fix. Now I was worried.

Sure enough, I pulled out my phone during the climax and it was 4:13 pm. I turned on my scooter and faced the door. I kept one eye on the movie and another on the time. At 4:21 I left. Fortunately the climax had just ended.

Weird. The denouement was so short that I heard I all as I boogied down the ramp. I missed watching 30 seconds, but heard it all.

4:23 I’m at the elevator. Sure enough – it doesn’t work. Gah!

I rush back. Find an employee and ask to use the service elevator. First they investigate my claim. Time is ticking.

Fortunately when they enter their override code they make the elevator move. We call it back up. With trepidation I get on. It works!

4:28 pm I’m in the elevator going down.

Unlike last weekend the mall was not crowded. Normally I only drive full speed in long deserted hallways. That day I kept it cranked as much as was safe.

100′ from the entrance hall I got stuck behind slow movers. They were the most annoying type. 4 college age saunterers. They were just moseying along engaged in each others company. But the four were spread out to ensure they never touched. There was no room around on the inside, it outside or through the middle.

They are the most annoying type because that is how I’d behave in the mall too.

We moseyed the final 100′. If I could have stood up, I would have been standing over my steering column like a cyclist giving his all! I rushed outside. No bus. I checked my clock. 4:32 pm. Awesome. Late but only just. That wasn’t enough time for them to leave without me.

Huzzah! 10 minutes later my bus arrived and took me home.

Of course the best part of the week was Saturday and Monday. I’m helping to teach public speaking to Pharmacy students again. My kids are awesome. I have a lot of outdoorsy, small town types. Two horse riders and a rock climber for instance.

I had to give an example speech to the full class of 120 students and 30 Toastmasters. I was revising ideas up until the speech began. It went well. As usual, it could have been tightened up.

I used up two ideas I’d been saving for the blog. If I get ambitious I might transcribe the speech on Thursday.

That was my week. I hope yours was equally good. Many did the back to school thing – it sounds like that went well.

Regardless, most of you remain in my thoughts and prayers. If it is tough, I hope it will get better.

Take care. Stay good.


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